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Swift for Beans – var, let and Type Inference
I have always preferred explicitly typed languages, saving a couple of characters by simply declaring a variable as [crayon-587fe645de37e854...
18-01-2017 23:03:52 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Swift for Beans – about null, nil and Optional.orElse("?!")
As you may have gathered, I have found an interest in Swift. I have always found it easier to pick up new languages by comparing it to the o...
04-01-2017 22:24:01 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Swift for Beans – Java Developers view on Swift
A large open source community has grown around Swift, since Apple open sourced it along with a Linux Port back in Dezember 2015. Certain par...
12-12-2016 19:23:26 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Understanding Dependency Injection - Part 3 Contexts
So far this series has covered simple IoC dependency injection as well as bean initialization with @PostConstruct and constructor injection....
29-11-2016 20:24:52 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Understanding Dependency Injection – Part 2 PostConstruct and Constructor Injection
In the first part of this series I introduced basic IoC functionality. In this part we will cover @PostConstruct methods and Constructor Inj...
05-10-2016 22:30:54 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Understanding Dependency Injection – Part 1 IoC
Dependency Injection, be it Spring IoC, CDI or Google GUICE is often seen as hard to understand or even referred to as "black magic". As wit...
21-09-2016 18:27:50 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
CDI Passivation Uncovered
Frequently there is confusion about passivation of contextual instances with CDI, especially when non-passivating scopes such as request sco...
18-05-2016 20:24:13 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Pushing ahead on Concurrency for Java EE 8
JSR-236 has only been a half-hearted attempt at bringing asynchronous operations to the wider Java EE context, leaving many gaps or even spe...
18-04-2016 21:17:53 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Building extensible and customizable Java EE Applications – Part 2
The first part covered adapting and packaging extensible Java EE applications. Introducing Plug-ins This part will demonstrate how Java EE a...
30-03-2016 22:29:42 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Building extensible Java EE Applications – Part 1
With the advent of Java EE 6 it has become easier to build extensible applications. In this first post we will briefly explore how core comp...
29-02-2016 19:06:18 Stephan Knitelius Advanced

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