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Swift for Beans – about null, nil and Optional.orElse("?!")
As you may have gathered, I have found an interest in Swift. I have always found it easier to pick up new languages by comparing it to the o...
04-01-2017 22:24:01 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Swift for Beans – Java Developers view on Swift
A large open source community has grown around Swift, since Apple open sourced it along with a Linux Port back in Dezember 2015. Certain par...
12-12-2016 19:23:26 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Understanding Dependency Injection - Part 3 Contexts
So far this series has covered simple IoC dependency injection as well as bean initialization with @PostConstruct and constructor injection....
29-11-2016 20:24:52 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Understanding Dependency Injection – Part 2 PostConstruct and Constructor Injection
In the first part of this series I introduced basic IoC functionality. In this part we will cover @PostConstruct methods and Constructor Inj...
05-10-2016 22:30:54 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Understanding Dependency Injection – Part 1 IoC
Dependency Injection, be it Spring IoC, CDI or Google GUICE is often seen as hard to understand or even referred to as "black magic". As wit...
21-09-2016 18:27:50 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
CDI Passivation Uncovered
Frequently there is confusion about passivation of contextual instances with CDI, especially when non-passivating scopes such as request sco...
18-05-2016 20:24:13 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Pushing ahead on Concurrency for Java EE 8
JSR-236 has only been a half-hearted attempt at bringing asynchronous operations to the wider Java EE context, leaving many gaps or even spe...
18-04-2016 21:17:53 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Building extensible and customizable Java EE Applications – Part 2
The first part covered adapting and packaging extensible Java EE applications. Introducing Plug-ins This part will demonstrate how Java EE a...
30-03-2016 22:29:42 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Building extensible Java EE Applications – Part 1
With the advent of Java EE 6 it has become easier to build extensible applications. In this first post we will briefly explore how core comp...
29-02-2016 19:06:18 Stephan Knitelius Advanced
Concurrency Control for CDI
At the moment there is no standard concurrency control mechanism for CDI managed beans, and at the time of writing it has not been taken int...
25-01-2016 22:56:57 Stephan Knitelius Advanced

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