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Java friendly Kotlin - static functions
In this post, we will look at writing static functions in Kotlin that treat Java callers as first-class citizens. Recap There are three ways...
18-03-2020 15:17:46 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Calling Java Functional Interfaces from Kotlin
Basics Below is a Functional Interface defined in Java: Note, that an interface does not need to be annotated with to be treated as one. In
10-02-2020 13:19:09 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Responder flow validation (part 3 - overriding)
To finish off my trilogy of blog posts on including validation inside your responder flows, I present to you the final topic. How to
10-02-2020 01:04:00 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Serializable Java Lambdas
Recently I was presented with the following error when serializing a lambda with Kryo: If you do not recognise the syntax, don't worry, it
09-02-2020 18:23:00 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Removing elements from a Map in Java
Very short and simple post on removing elements from a Map in Java. We will be focusing on removing multiple elements and ignore the fact yo...
04-03-2019 00:38:24 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Extending and Overriding Flows from external CorDapps
Corda 4 was released last week (21st Feb) bringing with it a ton of new features to make Corda more enjoyable to work with. To be honest, I ...
02-03-2019 13:54:49 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Asynchronous RDBMS access with Spring Data R2DBC
Not too long ago, a reactive variant of the JDBC driver was released. Known as R2DBC. It allows data to be streamed asynchronously to any en...
16-02-2019 11:57:14 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Testing exceptions in Kotlin with assertFailsWith
I wanted to write this short post to highlight the assertFailsWith function available to Kotlin that makes testing exceptions a bit easier. ...
26-01-2019 19:56:49 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Configuring Logback with Spring Boot
Logback is provided out of the box with Spring Boot when you use one of the Spring Boot starter dependencies as they include spring-boot-sta...
09-01-2019 11:08:54 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Validating external data with an Oracle
I hang out in the Corda Slack channel quite a lot and try to answer questions when I can. A reasonable number of questions I have attempted ...
07-01-2019 21:28:41 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced

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