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Throughput - A Corda story
I recently rolled off a project focusing on the performance of Corda for a particular use-case. The result of this project lead to us proces...
14-12-2018 10:42:18 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Increasing network throughput with multiple Notaries
Do you need a very high throughput Corda network? Has the network's throughput levelled out? Have you already squeezed out all the performan...
18-11-2018 13:18:08 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Cached Prepared Statements with Spring Data Cassandra
Today I have a short post on using Prepared Statements in Spring Data Cassandra. Spring provides you with some utilities to make using Prepa...
23-10-2018 23:03:48 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Starting Flows with trackBy
Still continuing my trend of looking at Corda Services, I have some more tips to help your CorDapp work smoothly. This time around, we will ...
06-10-2018 00:50:16 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Asynchronous Flow invocations with Corda Services
How can I make my Flows faster? There's a good chance you have thought about this before if you have been working with Corda for a while. Yo...
22-09-2018 12:29:46 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Containerising a Spring Data Cassandra application
I'm continuing my journey of learning Docker. I am still keeping it simple at this point. This time around, I am going to tackle converting ...
08-09-2018 08:06:38 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Using Docker to shove an existing application into some containers
I have finally got round to learning how to use Docker past the level of knowing what it is and does without ever using it. This is the firs...
02-09-2018 17:13:17 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Corda Services 101
I'm in the mood to write a short and to the point post today. I'm actually curious how quickly I can get this published. So let's go. This p...
19-08-2018 11:04:30 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Streaming data out of a Corda node with Spring WebFlux
It's been a while since my last post but I'm finally back! Since I am still on my project, I will be writing about using Corda again. This t...
25-07-2018 23:11:02 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
What is Corda?
I've recently started a project (top secret, can't say anymore) which involves using Corda. So, what is it? If you've found this post on Goo...
05-06-2018 17:27:31 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced

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