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Ubuntu remap AltGr to Alt
Install gnome-tweak-tools Open gnome-tweak-tools and execute: Keyboard & Mouse -> Additional Layout Options -> Key to choose the 3rd level -...
29-06-2021 11:23:59 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Generate Swagger artefacts from definition
wget java -jar swagger-codegen-cli-2.2.1 .jar generate -l java -i ""
27-04-2021 23:43:47 Lessons4Devs Advanced
1Z0-819 Java 11 Oracle Certification
I've just passed the 1Z0-819 exam and I must say it is one of the hardest OCP exams out there. Some aspects: Logistics you will need a worki...
26-04-2021 21:28:22 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Renew p12 certificate for java (let's encrypt)
When let's encrypt updates the certificates, the p12 file remains unchanged and if that's what your Spring app for example uses, then you ne...
26-04-2021 14:34:36 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Array Sorting Algorithms
Insertion Sort (n2) Merge Sort (n lg n)
16-02-2021 02:04:20 Lessons4Devs Advanced
ERROR 1410 (42000): You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT
You will get this error ERROR 1410 (42000): You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT If you are trying to run a GRANT on a user that ...
03-02-2021 02:29:51 Lessons4Devs Advanced
RAM modules 3 and 4 not working
A very curious case. An existing system with 4 RAM modules had it's CPU upgraded. After replacing the CPU and restarting the system, BIOS wa...
18-09-2020 23:25:38 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Graphs – path exists? (BFS)
This is a simple implementation of a directed Graph and searching whether there is a path between node u and node v
29-08-2020 23:21:22 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Embedded js import scripts
Sometimes you might want to split a big js file into "modules" when developing web pages with js / jQuery. By embedded here I mean plain old...
24-08-2020 16:07:24 Lessons4Devs Advanced

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