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Array Sorting Algorithms
Insertion Sort (n2) Merge Sort (n lg n)
16-02-2021 02:04:20 Lessons4Devs Advanced
ERROR 1410 (42000): You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT
You will get this error ERROR 1410 (42000): You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT If you are trying to run a GRANT on a user that ...
03-02-2021 02:29:51 Lessons4Devs Advanced
RAM modules 3 and 4 not working
A very curious case. An existing system with 4 RAM modules had it's CPU upgraded. After replacing the CPU and restarting the system, BIOS wa...
18-09-2020 23:25:38 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Graphs – path exists? (BFS)
This is a simple implementation of a directed Graph and searching whether there is a path between node u and node v
29-08-2020 23:21:22 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Embedded js import scripts
Sometimes you might want to split a big js file into "modules" when developing web pages with js / jQuery. By embedded here I mean plain old...
24-08-2020 16:07:24 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Linked Lists algorithms
Merge 2 sorted lists
10-08-2020 12:35:45 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Greedy Algorithms
Minimum number of coins For coins {1,5,10,25,50,100} find the minimum number of coins to build an amount
26-07-2020 13:29:52 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Dynamic Programming
Max Sum of a Subarray Given an array, find the max sum of any contiguous subarray:
22-07-2020 18:42:04 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Recursive algorithms
20-07-2020 14:56:29 Lessons4Devs Advanced

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