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Cyclically Sorted Array Smallest Element Find the index of the smallest element in a cyclically sorted array (cyclically sorted means that i...
13-07-2020 00:24:44 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Heap implementation
11-07-2020 04:00:31 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Some Heap applications
Sort an almost sorted array Write a program which takes as input a very long sequence of numbers and prints the numbers in sorted order. Eac...
10-07-2020 21:33:27 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Important Binary Tree algorithms
Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Given a binary tree, find its maximum depth. The maximum depth is the number of nodes along the longest path fr...
08-07-2020 23:02:08 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Finding Anagrams
I came up with a new solution I guess. It uses the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. So the idea is to use an array of the first 26 prime n...
05-07-2020 23:25:10 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Java 8 useful snippets
Counting the number of occurrences of words in a string array: Map counted = Stream.of(arrayOfStrings) .collect( ingBy(Funct...
13-06-2020 13:37:09 Lessons4Devs Advanced
365 Problem Solving challenge
I will try to solve as many problems on Hacker Rank (or just any problem) as possible during a 1 year period (07 June 2020 / 07 June 2021). ...
08-06-2020 02:07:16 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Fedora 26 Install Guest Additions (VirtualBox)
sudo dnf update kernel* sudo dnf install dkms kernel-devel Insert VirtualBox guest additions cd /run/media/username/VBOXA DDITIONS_xxx/ sudo...
26-10-2017 00:33:28 Lessons4Devs Advanced
26-05-2016 17:29:54 Lessons4Devs Advanced
[JAX-RS] Use @Provider to leverage JAX-RS provider auto-discovery feature.
There are at least 2 ways to register a JAX-RS resource such as a set of web methods or the filters. 1. The first and the verbose way is to ...
24-05-2016 23:27:02 Lessons4Devs Advanced

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