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Fedora 26 Install Guest Additions (VirtualBox)
sudo dnf update kernel* sudo dnf install dkms kernel-devel Insert VirtualBox guest additions cd /run/media/username/VBOXA DDITIONS_xxx/ sudo...
26-10-2017 00:33:28 Lessons4Devs Advanced
26-05-2016 17:29:54 Lessons4Devs Advanced
[JAX-RS] Use @Provider to leverage JAX-RS provider auto-discovery feature.
There are at least 2 ways to register a JAX-RS resource such as a set of web methods or the filters. 1. The first and the verbose way is to ...
24-05-2016 23:27:02 Lessons4Devs Advanced
[JAX-RS] Some good auth resources
24-05-2016 17:21:14 Lessons4Devs Advanced
[SOLVED] Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.dom4j.DocumentFactory cannot be cast to org.dom4j.DocumentFactory
If you're getting this error: This might be due to some conflicts in pom.xml. Maybe you're using a parent dependency in section which contra...
23-05-2016 22:13:25 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Eclipse remote debug (with ant example)
Sometimes you cannot start your program from within eclipse to be able to debug it. Or even worse, you run your application on a remote serv...
10-05-2016 16:19:40 Lessons4Devs Advanced
[SOLVED] Eclipse create new class slow in Fedora
If you're having problems with eclipse under Fedora, then it might be due to GTK3. So start eclipse like: It must also work from eclipse.ini...
15-04-2016 17:50:50 Lessons4Devs Advanced
[WTF] Criteria API
This is the best representation of what I want to say about JPA criteria API: The equivalent JPQL query is: The equivalent SQL query is: Cle...
12-04-2016 21:06:23 Lessons4Devs Advanced
Java EE 7 WebSocket example
1. Createa a Java EE Web application called MyWebSocket for example. 2. In index.html: 2. Create a class Called WebSocketEndpoint. Here the ...
12-04-2016 10:19:50 Lessons4Devs Advanced

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