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New Liferay Project SDK 20191015 with Developer Studio 3.7.1
Hello guys, the new installers which contian serveral bug fixes are ready. Download Customer downloads: For customers, they can download all...
17-10-2019 13:12:13 liferay Advanced
Liferay IntelliJ 1.6.0 Plugin Released
Liferay IntelliJ 1.6.0 plugin has been made available. Head over to this page for downloading. Release Highlights: Remove requirement for in...
15-10-2019 04:22:23 liferay Advanced
Where's the documentation?
Have you ever wondered what the options are, and where they are documented, when you look at the gazillion of configuration options in Lifer...
10-10-2019 10:45:52 liferay Advanced
Cool portlet development with Spring boot 2 and Angular 8 on Liferay 7.2
For everyone who is looking for working examples of portlets on liferay 7.2 which leverage the power of Angular 8 and Spring boot, I have st...
09-10-2019 17:48:37 liferay Advanced
New Liferay Project SDK 20190926 with Developer Studio 3.7.0
The new release of Liferay Project SDK and Studio Installers 3.7.0 ga1 has been made available. This new package support for eclipse Photon ...
08-10-2019 03:22:31 liferay Advanced
A Headless API example using Gatsby (Part 1)
A few weeks ago, I had a need for a simple static site to host some documentation for internal customers at my work. What I needed for the s...
05-10-2019 03:02:17 liferay Advanced
A Headless API example using Gatsby (Part 2)
In the first part we basically set everything up. We created a Gatsby site and a few web content articles in Liferay. In this part we will c...
04-10-2019 20:45:25 liferay Advanced
Office 365 Api Usage in a java web application
Office 365 is becoming the attention centre of many companies those days. Integration of Office 365 in their portal become needed to add fea...
24-09-2019 18:57:12 liferay Advanced
Office 365 Authentication in a Liferay
Liferay gives us the possibility to add Oauth (OpenId connect) authentication out of the box. It's also possible to give access to third-par...
23-09-2019 19:09:47 liferay Advanced
Creating Headless APIs (Part 1)
Introduction So recently I have been working with Liferay's new Headless APIs... I have a nice React-based SPA leveraging the new headless-d...
14-09-2019 11:33:47 liferay Advanced

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