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For the last few months as I've been working with Liferay 7 CE / Liferay DXP, I've been a little stymied trying to manage the complexities o...
29-03-2017 08:45:28 liferay Advanced
Mobile First with Liferay Screens - part 4 Webinar: Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer
Mobile First with Liferay Screens - part 4 Webinar: Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer Mobile apps have become an integr...
22-03-2017 11:46:03 liferay Advanced
Liferay DXP and WebLogic...
For those of you deploying Liferay DXP to WebLogic, you will need to add an override property to your file to allow th...
21-03-2017 19:40:31 liferay Advanced
SourceForge Project of the Month
Introduction Liferay Portal has been nominated for the SourceForge Project of the Month for April! Nominees are selected from projects that ...
06-03-2017 22:37:41 liferay Advanced
Creating a Spring MVC Portlet War in the Liferay Workspace
Introduction So I've been working on some new Blade sample projects, and one of those is the Spring MVC portlet example. As pointed to in th...
05-03-2017 14:42:03 liferay Advanced
Proper Portlet Name for your Portlet components...
Okay, this is probably going to be one of my shortest blog posts, but it's important. Some releases of Liferay have code to "infer" a portle...
01-03-2017 06:27:23 liferay Advanced
Liferay Hackday 2017
Every other year we have a company retreat where people from all over the world travel to California for a series of meetings and team build...
01-03-2017 00:23:50 liferay Advanced
Service Builder 6.2 Migration
I'm taking a short hiatus from the design pattern series to cover a topic I've heard a lot of questions on lately - migrating 6.2 Service Bu...
25-02-2017 00:32:01 liferay Advanced
Liferay Design Patterns - Multi-Scoped Data/Logic
Pattern: Multi-Scoped Data/Logic Intent The intent for this pattern is to support data/logic usage in multiple scopes. Liferay defines the s...
24-02-2017 03:54:16 liferay Advanced

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