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Liferay and Docker: Upgrade Liferay to 7.0 GA6
Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA6 Release was announced about 2 weeks ago and Liferay containerisers may desire to upgrade their Docker container to...
19-04-2018 18:00:08 liferay Advanced
Elasticsearch test environment for Liferay 7/ DXP
While working on Elasticsearch debugging, I just made a docker-compose file to start up an external Elasticsearch with plugins that Liferay ...
19-04-2018 11:54:49 liferay Advanced
Upcoming GDPR-focused features for Liferay DXP
May 25 is fast approaching. Every business impacted by GDPR should be well underway in preparing for the changes to data processing set fort...
19-04-2018 05:49:30 liferay Advanced
New Installers and IDE 3.2.0 Milestone 1 Released
New Installers Released
18-04-2018 23:39:25 liferay Advanced
Bringing DropWizard Metrics to Liferay 7/DXP
Introduction So in any production system, there is typically a desire to capture metrics, use them to define a system health check, and then...
17-04-2018 08:07:58 liferay Advanced
Liferay 7/DXP: Making Logging Changes Persistent
Introduction I have never liked one aspect of Liferay logging - it is not persistent. For example, I can't debug a startup issue unless I ge...
16-04-2018 17:52:36 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal 7.1 Alpha 1 Release
I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of: Liferay Portal 7.1 Alpha 1
13-04-2018 19:04:26 liferay Advanced
Liferay Faces downloads at an all time high
I'm happy to report that according to the following graph from Maven Central, the download stats for Liferay Faces are trending upward. In f...
11-04-2018 17:54:14 liferay Advanced
Thinking Outside of the Box: Resources Importer
Introduction On a project recently I had a Theme war and, like those themes you can download from the MarketPlace, I also had pages, content...
10-04-2018 19:00:58 liferay Advanced
BND Instruction To Avoid
Introduction Recently I was building a fragment bundle to expose a private package per my blog entry, . In the original bnd.bnd file, I foun...
10-04-2018 07:58:13 liferay Advanced

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