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The State of Liferay Community 2017
2017 was a great year for the Liferay Community. Many things were accomplished and we know that there are still many things to be improved. ...
08-11-2017 03:14:03 liferay Advanced
blade CLI 2.3.0 Released!
We just released latest version of blade cli that includes all of the new npm frontend project templates. This also bumps the rest of the pr...
03-11-2017 17:19:12 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA5 Release
Now available: Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA5! [Download Now] What's New Blacklisting OSGI Modules: New in GA5 is the ablity to blacklist modules...
24-10-2017 01:08:39 liferay Advanced
Transitioning to DXP Digital Enterprise and Liferay Portal CE 7.0 Development
If you've been developing apps, hooks, and themes on Liferay Portal 6, you might be wondering whether you'll be able...
20-10-2017 16:08:56 liferay Advanced
Creating a Google Like Search
More than once I've been asked to customise Liferay search to be "simpler" and more "Google like". In the first part of this blog series I'm...
20-10-2017 10:02:52 liferay Advanced
Key Takeaways From JavaOne 2017 Talks
Key Takeaways From JavaOne 2017 Talks Here are some of the key takeaways that I learned from the talks I attended at JavaOne 2017: How to Us...
20-10-2017 03:45:41 liferay Advanced
How to Configure Remote Staging in a Clustered Liferay DXP Environment
Well, I decided to write this post after breaking my head a lot (almost brains were flying everywhere), to be able to configure remote stagi...
19-10-2017 21:43:48 liferay Advanced
DevCon 2017
So I've been home for almost a week now after having attended Devcon 2017 in Amsterdam. I have to give a shout out to Pascal Brusset and his...
14-10-2017 23:13:35 liferay Advanced
OSGi Subsystems and Why You Want Them
So last week I'm sitting in an Unconference session at DevCon in a group talking about OSGi. I don't remember how it came up, but we got on ...
14-10-2017 07:25:25 liferay Advanced
New Clustering Code for Liferay Portal Community
Hello Liferay Community! I'm here at the Liferay Unconference in Amsterdam, listening to Brett Swaim talk about his real world experiences w...
04-10-2017 13:05:50 liferay Advanced

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