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How to connect an external database with Liferay service builder in a few easy steps and Integrate the SP(Stored Procedure) in the external DB.
In this blog, We will see how to configure an external database with Liferay service builder and How to execute Stored Procedure in the exte...
19-01-2021 18:49:43 liferay Advanced
Liferay IntelliJ 1.9.0 Plugin Released
The new Liferay IntelliJ 1.9.1 plugin supports IntelliJ 203 and greater. Head over to this page for downloading.Release Highlightsadd build ...
19-01-2021 04:21:36 liferay Advanced
New Installers and IDE 3.9.1 GA2 Released
This new package support for Eclipse Photon or greater, and integrate Blade 4.0.6 SNAPSHOT202012150602 and Liferay Gradle Workspace Plugin 3...
23-12-2020 12:43:30 liferay Advanced
Liferay Developer Services
About a year ago, Liferay introduced a new program that I have been actively participating in, Liferay Developer Services. But what is this ...
23-12-2020 05:59:38 liferay Advanced
Local Work with DXP Cloud
I guess we'll call this Part 4 in my series on doing stuff with Docker and DXP Cloud.DXP Cloud offers a full DevOps lifecycle, but having to...
22-12-2020 23:21:08 liferay Advanced
Migrating Your Bundle to DXP Cloud (Part 3?)
This could be considered Part 3 of "Dockerizing a Liferay Bundle" but has very little to do with Docker, with the exception that DXP Cloud u...
09-12-2020 00:10:40 liferay Advanced
Virtual Swiss Community Brown Bag Lunch
German/English mixed event - English language belowNach der Verschiebung des Schweizer Community Meetups von 2020, ist die Veranstaltung von...
07-12-2020 15:51:04 liferay Advanced
Redirect on Session Timeout
By default when session timeout occurs, Liferay will redirect to home page. In case we need to redirect to custom url we can do that by impl...
03-12-2020 19:40:02 liferay Advanced
Liferay and European Cookie rules
Every one knows that bringing a website online means to face some challenges to be compliant with the local law. Especially in Europe we fac...
01-12-2020 02:29:16 liferay Advanced
Juntando a desarrolladores de Liferay en Español de LATAM
El a o 2020 va a pasar a la historia por ser el a o del confinamiento, de las restricciones de movilidad, de mantener las distancias sociale...
30-11-2020 19:35:04 liferay Advanced

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