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/api/jsonws Styling Customization
So the last couple of days I've been working on a new React Headless app that I'm going to be sharing soon, but for various reasons I've had...
25-08-2019 04:26:39 liferay Advanced
Liferay SAML SP Requirements
Just a quick post today... Helped a client who was getting a message in the logs after configuring the SAML SP in Liferay using an ADFS IdP:...
24-08-2019 05:18:36 liferay Advanced
Working With Liferay Support
Whenever I start working with a new client, I always share with them my three rules for effectively working with support: 1. Open tickets as...
23-08-2019 21:33:05 liferay Advanced
Farewell Liferay!
It is with mixed feelings that I am announcing that I am leaving Liferay to pursue other opportunities. Friday, August 2nd was my last day. ...
12-08-2019 10:03:32 liferay Advanced
New websites and new domains
It's been almost two months now and most of you have probably managed to get used to the new websites and domain names. We invested a lot of...
07-08-2019 23:22:16 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal website - Discover
Have you been asked "What is Liferay Portal?" or "Why are you using it?" or similar questions? Given all the things it actually is and does,...
07-08-2019 15:21:47 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal website - Learn
As expected (we wrote the redirect rules after all) and confirmed by our access logs, the documentation was the first place you discovered i...
07-08-2019 07:30:07 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal website - Participate
Participate in an Open Source project? Meaning ... do what exactly? The trouble with that phrase is that everyone puts their own meaning in ...
06-08-2019 23:49:47 liferay Advanced
Devcon 2019
Same procedure as last year: Devcon 2019 is coming closer, and with it everybody is working behind the scenes to make it even more awesome t...
06-08-2019 17:46:39 liferay Advanced
Workflow Scripting: Programmatic Task Assignment
This content is meant to be added as a use case to the 7.2 Workflow Scripting official documentation, but isn't ready to go through the full...
03-08-2019 00:54:09 liferay Advanced

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