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Tomcat 9.0.31, Ghostcat and AJP
My friend, Olaf Kock, recently shared with me that he had struggled with and resolved an issue after moving to Tomcat 9.0.31 when using AJP....
29-02-2020 18:23:08 liferay Advanced
Introducing Liferay Portal CE Rolling Releases
With the recently released Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA1, we are adopting a rolling release cycle for Liferay Portal CE. This means that we will...
28-02-2020 13:16:39 liferay Advanced
New Liferay Workspace 20200225 with Developer Studio 3.8.0
Hello all, the new release of Liferay Workspace and Studio Installers 3.8.0 ga1 has been made available today. Download: Customer downloads:...
27-02-2020 07:11:21 liferay Advanced
Segments based on segments in Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA1
Since Liferay Portal 7.2, you can use the Personalization Capabilities to define Segments that allows matching the different types of audien...
26-02-2020 17:18:26 liferay Advanced
Tomcat 9.0.31 and AJP
My friend, Olaf Koch, recently shared with me that he had struggled with and resolved an issue after moving to Tomcat 9.0.31 when using AJP....
25-02-2020 23:31:28 liferay Advanced
Open Graph and SEO improvements
We'd like to dig deeper into one of the features delivered for the 7.3 GA1 release. Liferay now supports Open Graph meta tags out of the box...
20-02-2020 00:46:32 liferay Advanced
How to manage scheduled jobs in Liferay 7.1
Overview Liferay 7.1 uses the Quartz Scheduler to schedule jobs for running background tasks. The scheduled jobs can be managed via differen...
19-02-2020 18:13:47 liferay Advanced
jQuery is disabled, long live jQuery
Continuing with our efforts to make Liferay Portal technology agnostic - as David Truong explained us in his post The State of Frontend Infr...
05-02-2020 19:00:06 liferay Advanced
Drag&Drop on Liferay CE 7.3.0 Widget Pages
Two things in life are certain. And one of them is what this article is about ;) Now that Liferay CE 7.3.0 is out and still offers Widget Pa...
04-02-2020 07:08:17 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA1 Release
We are happy to announce the availability of Liferay Portal CE 7.3 GA1. This is the first rolling release (announcement about this new relea...
03-02-2020 22:23:17 liferay Advanced

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