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Creating Modern Applications on Liferay with ReactJS, Docker, DXP Cloud, and Headless APIs (III: The Finale)
Hello again! I finished my muffin and rehydrated accordingly. I hope you used your break wisely, as breaks are essential to productivity. No...
17-08-2020 06:41:35 liferay Advanced
Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA4 Release
This is our fourth GA for 7.3 this year following the new rolling release cycle that we adopted and announced earlier this year. As with pre...
17-08-2020 00:07:40 liferay Advanced
/dev/24 - a developer's stream of consciousness
Would you like to have your taste of community interaction and feel an advance of the spirit of the Unconference before the next Devcon happ...
16-08-2020 17:34:34 liferay Advanced
New Installers and IDE 3.9.0 Milestone 1 Released
This new package support for Eclipse Photon or greater, and integrate Blade and Liferay Gradle Workspace Plugin 2.5.3. Co...
16-08-2020 11:01:15 liferay Advanced
How to Prove You're an Expert
Malcolm Gladwell is often misquoted as saying, and I'm paraphrasing here, you need 10,000 hours in a subject to become an expert. It's a phr...
16-08-2020 04:26:59 liferay Advanced
Web Content in Custom Module
Liferay Web Content is very powerful feature , which is used in almost every portal developed using Liferay , we might have situations where...
15-08-2020 21:53:28 liferay Advanced
Read custom field's value of Navigation Menu
Read Navigation Menu's custom field value in Liferay 7.3 Liferay 7.3 comes with very good feature, one of this is we can create a custom fie...
15-08-2020 15:22:22 liferay Advanced
/dev/24 Call for Presentations
It's time to get started with the agenda: 24 September (timezone still to be confirmed) will host Liferay's first /dev/24, or Liferay's seco...
15-08-2020 08:42:59 liferay Advanced
Radio Liferay Episode 68: Yasuyuki Takeo
Yasuyuki, short Yasu, is Supportability Engineer at Liferay. He's working out of Japan for 8 years now, and in that time has started an inte...
15-08-2020 02:11:18 liferay Advanced
Creating Hybrid Apps with Liferay DXP Headless API and Ionic Framework
If you are thinking of creating a hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS devices, surely you could have heard of the Ionic Framework....
14-08-2020 19:39:16 liferay Advanced

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