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Package by layer for Spring project is obsolete
I believe Spring application shouldn't be structured in package by layer approach. In my opinion, package by feature makes much more sense. ...
17-02-2018 17:34:39 lubos krnac Advanced
Aggregate Test Coverage Report for Gradle Multi-Module Project
I am going to explain how to aggregate test coverage report for Gradle multi-module project. For measuring test coverage, we will use JaCoCo...
09-11-2016 19:26:24 lubos krnac Advanced
Component Object pattern example
Previously I showed how we at Dotsub use Page Object pattern for Selenium testing. But we use one more abstraction to make end-to-end test m...
17-10-2016 13:03:06 lubos krnac Advanced
Page Object pattern example
This blog post will provide example of end-to-end Selenium tests in Java with usage of Page Object pattern. Every responsible developer know...
06-09-2016 09:46:06 lubos krnac Advanced
How to verify equality without equals method
I don't like equals method. It often requires very ugly code. Therefore I try to avoid need for it as much as possible. But how to compare o...
23-04-2016 12:26:59 lubos krnac Advanced
Create UML diagrams with simple DSL – PlantUML
Historically I disliked creating design UML diagrams, because the tooling for it mostly requires drawing boxes and connecting them with line...
27-03-2016 00:41:13 lubos krnac Advanced
Verifying DateTime and Date with Hamcrest
Since I started diving into automated testing and practicing TDD, verification of date values was pain. Luckily there is nice library for le...
26-03-2016 17:36:28 lubos krnac Advanced
Run Selenium tests on TravisCI
Stack of application I am currently working on at Dotsub is based on Java/Spring Boot back-end and React/Redux front-end. To have confidence...
21-02-2016 19:41:56 lubos krnac Advanced
Speed up Gradle build on TravisCI
I was recently speeding up Gradle build on TravisCI for one Dotsub project. It builds Spring Boot based project (written in Java), but also ...
21-02-2016 12:32:16 lubos krnac Advanced
How to mock Spring bean (version 2)
About a year ago, I wrote a blog post how to mock Spring Bean. Patterns described there were little bit invasive to the production code. As ...
04-01-2016 16:37:33 lubos krnac Advanced

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