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Docker Tip #5 - Prune all images
As part of cleaning up your local Docker environment you can remove all your images. The following alias will do that quite nicely: alias do...
26-08-2016 15:12:12 manfred riem Advanced
Git Tip #1 - Rebasing including the first commit
Have you ever tried to use git rebase and noticed that it does NOT work on the first commit in a branch? Is there are way for a rebase to in...
25-08-2016 16:43:35 manfred riem Advanced
Docker Tip #4 - Scrub dangling containers
When running Docker you pull down images. Those images can take up quite a bit of space. After tagging / retagging / untagging you can end u...
24-08-2016 15:47:14 manfred riem Advanced
Docker Tip #3 - Kill and remove all containers
Using the 2 previous blog entries this becomes trivial if you use bash: alias docker-down='docker-kill ; docker-rm' Enjoy!
23-08-2016 18:30:56 manfred riem Advanced
Docker Tip #2 - Remove all containers
After you have killed all you containers you might wonder how you would go about removing all those killed containers. Well it is really ver...
22-08-2016 15:59:24 manfred riem Advanced
Docker Tip #1 - Kill all your containers
When developing with Docker you'll probably find a need to kill all your docker containers at once. While you certainly can kill them one by...
21-08-2016 15:51:54 manfred riem Advanced
Do we really think about software?
I have been thinking a lot lately about how we approach software. OK let me ask you a REALLY important question. When you are writing softwa...
01-07-2016 22:31:41 manfred riem Advanced
End of another era
And it is the end of another era, is going dark, read about it at Enjoy!
27-04-2016 19:28:55 manfred riem Advanced
JAX-RS wish
Just like the previous blog entry I have a wish for JAX-RS which would intersect with the CDI specification. I wish that @Inject would work ...
28-03-2016 06:36:27 manfred riem Advanced
CDI wish
While working with CDI I have always wondered why the CDI JSR does not take over the responsibility of JSR 330 by merging it into the CDI sp...
14-03-2016 03:44:56 manfred riem Advanced

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