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My JPrime Sofia 2018 talk recording is online
My talk "A craftsman's guide to designing clean architecture" at JPrime Sofia 2018 is finally online: The post My JPrime Sofia 2018 talk rec...
29-06-2018 08:36:51 Marcus Biel Beginners
First impressions from JPrime 2018 :)
I had a great time at JPrime 2018. Without much words, here are some first impressions. The post First impressions from JPrime 2018 :) appea...
03-06-2018 13:51:57 Marcus Biel Beginners
Information according to 5 TMG Marcus Biel Geyerstrasse 40 80469 Munich +49 171 1151013 Web: Sales tax identification number according to 27...
19-05-2018 23:50:03 Marcus Biel Beginners
Jpoint 2018 Talk Recording
Finally, here is the recording of my talk at #jpoint2018 The post Jpoint 2018 Talk Recording appeared first on Marcus Biel.
28-04-2018 12:41:38 Marcus Biel Beginners
Java Craftsman sticker
Which Java Clean Code Duke sticker should I produce first? Pick it up at my next talk! Click here to vote. The post Java Craftsman sticker a...
27-04-2018 19:29:56 Marcus Biel Beginners
Live Event at the Virtual Java User Group (VJUG)
Yesterday I gave my talk "A craftsman's guide to designing a clean architecture" at the VJUG. In addition to almost 1000 registered particip...
21-04-2018 15:24:03 Marcus Biel Beginners
JPoint Java Conference Moscow
I am back from Moscow, where I spoke in front of about 400 developers at the JPoint Java conference about how to achieve a clean modular mon...
10-04-2018 13:54:34 Marcus Biel Beginners
Java 10 released!
Hooooray! Java JDK10 has arrived! Download it now! On that occasion, also released an interview about Java 10, that 11 experts ...
21-03-2018 23:45:33 Marcus Biel Beginners
Developer Conference Trondheim (TDC)
My talk about Immutable Classes in #Java at Developer Conference Trondheim (TDC), Norway, is online: The post Developer Conference Trondheim...
01-11-2017 16:56:23 Marcus Biel Beginners
Help me helping you :)
Runoff poll Which #Java webinar you want to listen to next? Please help me helping you and vote now! The post Help me helping you :) appeare...
30-08-2017 21:12:16 Marcus Biel Beginners

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