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If you've always wondered how does Marcus do it set up, manage, write a newsletter with almost 15.000 subscribers we worked hard the last mo...
17-12-2020 22:33:21 Marcus Biel Beginners
Let's get rid of #Scrum!
Lately, I have been bitching about Scrum in social media, saying that the waterfall model is still better than Scrum. But then what is the a...
02-03-2020 23:42:15 Marcus Biel Beginners
Recording from JFokus
The recording of my live refactoring at JFokus, Stockholm is finally online: The post Recording from JFokus appeared first on Marcus Biel.
18-02-2020 17:32:16 Marcus Biel Beginners
Last call!
If you would like to cast vote in the 2019 #JCP EC election next month, submit your membership application today. Voter eligibility deadline...
04-10-2019 23:12:51 Marcus Biel Beginners
Join the #Java community!
3 simple steps to join and get involved into the #Java community process:1) Sign up here.2) Login into & fill out this form.3) Wait ...
19-09-2019 01:00:39 Marcus Biel Beginners
Java Conferences 2020
Finally I have added a new page for all Java conferences and unconferences in 2020. The dates are up to date wherever possible up to today. ...
13-09-2019 13:22:12 Marcus Biel Beginners
JakartaOne Recording online
Wow, JakartaEE is really fast! My session "Turbocharged Java with Quarkus" from @JakartaOneConf is already live! The post JakartaOne Recordi...
13-09-2019 00:37:03 Marcus Biel Beginners
IntelliJ Giveaway
I have a lot to celebrate. Take part in my raffle so you can win a license of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate ( 499.00)! The post IntelliJ Giveaway a...
21-08-2019 14:18:51 Marcus Biel Beginners
Live Java Refactoring at JBCN Conf Barcelona
The post Live Java Refactoring at JBCN Conf Barcelona appeared first on Marcus Biel.
02-08-2019 22:39:23 Marcus Biel Beginners
Let me help YOU!
Starting in September, I am looking for a new job as #Java, #CleanCode and #Cloud trainer, coach and consultant or #DevRel. Remote or in #Mu...
08-07-2019 17:59:39 Marcus Biel Beginners

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