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Live Event at the Virtual Java User Group (VJUG)
Yesterday I gave my talk "A craftsman's guide to designing a clean architecture" at the VJUG. In addition to almost 1000 registered particip...
21-04-2018 15:24:03 Marcus Biel Beginners
JPoint Java Conference Moscow
I am back from Moscow, where I spoke in front of about 400 developers at the JPoint Java conference about how to achieve a clean modular mon...
10-04-2018 13:54:34 Marcus Biel Beginners
Java 10 released!
Hooooray! Java JDK10 has arrived! Download it now! On that occasion, also released an interview about Java 10, that 11 experts ...
21-03-2018 23:45:33 Marcus Biel Beginners
Developer Conference Trondheim (TDC)
My talk about Immutable Classes in #Java at Developer Conference Trondheim (TDC), Norway, is online: The post Developer Conference Trondheim...
01-11-2017 16:56:23 Marcus Biel Beginners
Help me helping you :)
Runoff poll Which #Java webinar you want to listen to next? Please help me helping you and vote now! The post Help me helping you :) appeare...
30-08-2017 21:12:16 Marcus Biel Beginners
Check out Clean Code Academy – now!
Check out my new site Clean Code Academy The post Check out Clean Code Academy now! appeared first on Marcus Biel.
17-08-2017 17:56:11 Marcus Biel Beginners
My next Java Clean Code Webinar will be…
Which topic should I pick for my next Java CleanCode webinar? Vote here! The post My next Java Clean Code Webinar will be appeared first on ...
30-07-2017 22:33:36 Marcus Biel Beginners
Wanna help me out? :)
Hey, I am doing my free video course now for almost 2 years and I know, I haven't published a new video for quite some time. The reason is, ...
25-06-2017 13:16:03 Marcus Biel Beginners
Join me on Facebook :)
The post Join me on Facebook :) appeared first on Marcus Biel.
27-04-2017 11:10:39 Marcus Biel Beginners
The lucky winner is…
And the lucky winner of the Intellij IDEA Ultimate 2017.1 licence is Billy Tsai! Congratulations! The post The lucky winner is appeared firs...
16-04-2017 18:41:37 Marcus Biel Beginners

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