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Modernizing Enterprise Java
I haven't blogged in 4 years, 10 months, and 1 day. A long time. Many things have happened, and I have continued my journey mostly on Twitte...
03-05-2022 13:34:51 Markus Eisele Advanced
Reactive Microservices with Lagom & Java - DZone Refcard
Wow. I haven't blogged here in a while. Good news, the blog isn't dead and not going to die anytime soon. I'm just spending a lot of time bl...
27-06-2017 18:57:36 Markus Eisele Advanced
From Microservices to Distributed Systems - Survival guide for Java Developers
It kind of feel like the hype for Microservices is slowly coming down to earth and our industry is starting to realise, that a system accord...
16-02-2017 11:10:39 Markus Eisele Advanced
No, being wary doesn't hurt Java. A comment about Java licensing.
Screenshot from the Oracle Website (source)So. Oracle want's to make money from Java. And The Register published a very polarising piece wit...
20-12-2016 11:22:08 Markus Eisele Advanced
Replacing legacy Java EE application servers with microservices and containers
Lightbend recently ran a survey with more than 2000 JVM developers and the results just got published. The survey was launched to discover: ...
16-09-2016 19:33:13 Markus Eisele Advanced
Join me for the Reactive Microservices Roadshow
What are the benefits of the Reactive Manifesto and the Microservices approach, especially for those who want to fundamentally modernize the...
31-08-2016 14:20:38 Markus Eisele Advanced
Lightbender at JavaOne 2016
It's only short 16 days until the Java community is starting to travel to San Francisco again. The annual family gathering at JavaOne is the...
31-08-2016 08:14:48 Markus Eisele Advanced
Remote JMS with WildFly Swarm
I'm blogging about WildFly swarm again? Short version is: I needed a test for remote JMS access and refused to setup something complex like ...
05-08-2016 09:39:27 Markus Eisele Advanced
Build and deploy microservices the modern way
There's been a lot of buzz from me lately around microservices and containers. And all the efforts were directed towards today's public anno...
01-08-2016 16:14:21 Markus Eisele Advanced
CQRS with Java and Lagom
I've had the pleasure to talk at the Chicago Java User Group and talk about how Lagom implements CQRS, the Command Query Responsibility Segr...
15-07-2016 15:17:46 Markus Eisele Advanced

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