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Etsy's observability and ML infrastructure teams moving to the cloud
Tim Cochran and Keyur Govande continue their account of how Etsy used the cloud to scale up by describing the journey of two teams: observab...
22-11-2022 15:49:25 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Using the cloud to scale Etsy
Etsy is a well-known marketplace for craft items. The pandemic led to a huge spike in growth, growing from 46 million buyers to 90 million b...
17-11-2022 16:08:34 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Using CWs
One of the new features on Mastodon for a recovering twitterer is the CW field for new posts. CW stands for Content Warning. When I'm compos...
16-11-2022 17:07:44 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Multiple Mastodon Accounts
The usual Twitter convention is to follow the whole person, meaning one Twitter account for a person would tweet on many different subjects....
09-11-2022 18:03:23 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Your organization should run its own Mastodon server
The latest crisis at Twitter has led to a big surge of interest in Mastodon and the broader Fediverse of open social media platforms. My col...
07-11-2022 20:47:59 martin fowler Agile & Testing
An appeal to Americans who aren't inclined to vote in the midterm elections
In the United States, we have midterm elections coming up. Many people aren't interested in politics, or feel there is nobody worthwhile to ...
02-11-2022 22:39:05 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Twitter feed now cross-posts to Mastodon
One of the main things I wanted to do with Mastodon was to replicate my twitter feed there, so that folks who would rather follow me on Mast...
02-11-2022 15:48:40 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Exploring Mastodon
I've been a heavy user of Twitter over the last decade, and while Musk's purchase of Twitter hasn't got me running for the exit, it has prom...
01-11-2022 20:27:34 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Bliki: ConwaysLaw
Pretty much all the practitioners I favor in Software Architecture are deeply suspicious of any kind of general law in the field. Good softw...
20-10-2022 17:19:29 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Negotiate a balanced product investment mix
Rick and Kennedy conclude their article on the bottleneck caused by tension between product and engineering. This final section addresses ba...
19-10-2022 20:22:05 martin fowler Agile & Testing

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