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Tryffan, Wales (2017)
28-07-2018 17:17:33 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Completed Copyedit and other notes
I've added a couple more memos to my thoughts on producing the second edition of Refactoring. Last week I shone a light on the hidden heroes...
25-07-2018 15:55:54 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Cover design for the Refactoring 2nd Ed
We've got a cover design for the second edition of Refactoring. As with any book in my signature series, I needed to decide which bridge wou...
13-06-2018 16:19:29 martin fowler Agile & Testing
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Worm's Head, Swansea, Wales (2017)
03-06-2018 14:03:29 martin fowler Agile & Testing
How to break a Monolith into Microservices
As monolithic systems become too large to deal with, many enterprises are drawn to breaking them down into the microservices architectural s...
24-04-2018 16:28:46 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Foreword to Accelerate
Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim have just published their book Accelerate. I think this will be the most important software book t...
06-04-2018 21:12:47 martin fowler Agile & Testing
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London, England (2014)
01-04-2018 17:18:03 martin fowler Agile & Testing
2nd Edition of Refactoring
Nearly twenty years ago, I wrote "Refactoring", which is probably my most successful book. It's still a useful book, as the technique is one...
27-03-2018 16:16:31 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Revised Agile Fluency Model
Several years ago, Diana Larsen and James Shore came up with their Agile Fluency model. This categorizes agile usage into four zones, where ...
06-03-2018 15:54:44 martin fowler Agile & Testing
What I Talk About When I Talk About Platforms
Evan Bottcher has been involved with several of our clients with microservices and platform building over the last few years. A couple of ye...
05-03-2018 23:49:10 martin fowler Agile & Testing

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