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Brass Birmingham becomes #1 on BoardGameGeek
A couple of weeks ago Brass Birmingham became the 8th game to top the ratings on BoardGameGeek - here's why I like it so much more
01-03-2023 21:17:56 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Shaky Twitter Two-Factor Authentication Interaction
Accessing Twitter this morning, I was greeted with a prompt saying that they were getting rid of text messages as a form of two-factor authe...
18-02-2023 15:20:43 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Modularizing React Applications: adding a new feature
Juntao Qiu now demonstrates how the refactored structure helps him deal with adding a charitable donation to the order and how this change p...
17-02-2023 00:53:20 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Modularizing React Applications: fixing Shotgun Surgery
Juntao Qiu completes his article on modularizing react applications by identifying that the last change smelled of Shotgun Surgery and takin...
16-02-2023 17:50:03 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Retrospectives Antipatterns
Retrospectives are a key element for effective software initiatives, as they allow a team to learn and improve. However, like any good pract...
15-02-2023 18:16:36 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Comparing Engagement on Twitter and the Fediverse
My colleague Julien Deswaef recently compared engagement data for my Twitter and Mastodon posts. From this we can see that boosts and commen...
09-02-2023 00:29:54 martin fowler Agile & Testing
An example of modularizing a React application
Juntao Qiu illuminates his general description of modularizing a React application with a small example of presenting a user a dynamic set o...
08-02-2023 18:24:20 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns
I've been working in front-end software for over three decades. A perennial problem has been mixing non-UI logic into the UI framework itsel...
07-02-2023 16:49:58 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Remaining activities for the Data Mesh Accelerate Workshop
Paulo Caroli and Steve Upton complete their description of the Data Mesh Accelerate Workshop by explaining the rest of the workshop's activi...
04-02-2023 07:00:19 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Exploring Mastodon: status for February 2023
I haven't posted much on my Mastodon usage in the this year, and that's because the situation has settled down for me. Reading-wise I check ...
04-02-2023 00:14:15 martin fowler Agile & Testing

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