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How to do effective video calls
During 2011-2012 there was a small but significant revolution in how we worked at ThoughtWorks. When we needed to communicate while separate...
19-03-2020 16:32:06 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Coping with Covid-19, part 2
As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread, we at ThoughtWorks continue to react. In China we're slowly restarting our office work, with s...
13-03-2020 16:49:12 martin fowler Agile & Testing
The Elephant in the Architecture
Last week I gave one of the keynotes at O'Reilly's Software Architecture conference. When I was invited to do this last year, I asked my col...
02-03-2020 16:20:54 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Coping with Covid-19
The Covid-19 outbreak is getting more serious. With offices in China, we've already been affected and have taken various measures across our...
27-02-2020 20:53:31 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Product-Service Partnerships
When customer companies buy software products, they usually need skilled staff to install them. This staff is usually provided by a service ...
13-02-2020 19:24:37 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Bliki: OutcomeOverOutput
Imagine a team writing software for a shopping website. If we look at the team's output, we might consider how many new features they produc...
11-02-2020 16:32:22 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Visual artifacts and defined roles in running a program
Luiza and James finish their article on running programs in product mode organizations by discussing two useful practices. Investing in visu...
23-01-2020 16:59:30 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Managing dependencies and communication strategy for programs
Luiza and James add two more practices to their helpful list for managing programs in product-mode organizations. This installment looks at ...
21-01-2020 15:55:02 martin fowler Agile & Testing
On Pair Programming
At ThoughtWorks, we regularly use Pair Programming. We find it's a rarely used practice, in part due to lack of knowledge in how to do it we...
15-01-2020 14:12:13 martin fowler Agile & Testing
Two practices for managing a program in product-mode orgs
Luiza and James move on to talking about what they've learned to help programs work. The first two are to invest time at beginning of the pr...
14-01-2020 15:50:29 martin fowler Agile & Testing

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