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Implementing Reactive Client-Server Communication over TCP or Websockets with RSocket and Java
Reactive design or reactive architecture has an impact on how modern software systems are implemented. RSocket is a project that aims to ada...
25-11-2018 19:35:51 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Analyzing Java Applications on the Fly with Arthas
Arthas created by Alibaba is a tool that allows developers to connect to running Java applications without stopping them or suspending threa...
31-10-2018 21:48:14 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Capacity Planning using the Universal Scalability Law with Java and usl4j
Capacity planning is an important task when trying to anticipate resources and scaling factors for our applications. The usl4j library offer...
30-09-2018 20:57:57 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Testing OpenAPI / Swagger Schema Compliance with Java, JUnit and assertj-swagger
The OpenAPI and Swagger API description format are becoming important standards to specify API contracts for RESTful web services and the Mi...
31-08-2018 21:03:30 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Testing Java Applications for Resilience by Simulating Network Problems with Toxiproxy, JUnit and the Docker Maven Plugin
When implementing distributed systems, client-server architectures and simple applications with network related functionalities, everything ...
29-07-2018 21:21:39 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Using jetstreamDB as in-memory Database for Java
JetstreamDB is a in-memory database engine for Java that claims to be built for ultra-high speed and the ability of managing complex data st...
01-07-2018 00:58:00 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Managing Architecture Decision Records with ADR-Tools
Every software project includes a set of architecture decisions defining boundaries and constraints for further design and implementation. I...
27-05-2018 20:33:02 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Analyzing Java Problems – Tools, Snippets and Workflows
When we need to investigate the cause for a dysfunctional Java application we have a plethora of tools available that on the one hand help u...
30-04-2018 20:24:53 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Setting up Kafka Brokers for Testing with Kafka-Unit
When writing test for applications that interact with Kafka brokers we often need to setup a decent environment including an instance of Kaf...
28-03-2018 20:24:53 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Implementing, Testing and Running Procedures for Neo4j
A lot of features are already included in the Neo4j graph database system but sometimes we want to extends its capabilities and implement fu...
27-02-2018 21:25:56 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced

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