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Setting up Kafka Brokers for Testing with Kafka-Unit
When writing test for applications that interact with Kafka brokers we often need to setup a decent environment including an instance of Kaf...
28-03-2018 20:24:53 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Implementing, Testing and Running Procedures for Neo4j
A lot of features are already included in the Neo4j graph database system but sometimes we want to extends its capabilities and implement fu...
27-02-2018 21:25:56 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Reactive Streams – Java 9 Flow API, RxJava and Reactor Examples
Reactive Streams is an initiative trying to standardize asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking back-pressure. With Java 9, new cla...
14-01-2018 22:23:20 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Software Architecture Exploration and Validation with jqAssistant, Neo4j and Cypher
I have written about other software system analyzing and validation tools before but today I would like to introduce a new tool named jqAssi...
31-12-2017 16:08:19 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Identity Management, One-Time-Passwords and Two-Factor-Auth with Spring Boot and Keycloak
Communicating with identity and access management systems is a common task for many web-applications exposing secured resources. Keycloak is...
26-11-2017 20:28:18 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Snippet: Java Mission Control (JMC) and Flight Recorder (JFR)
The Java Mission Control and the Java Flight Recorder allow us to capture run-time information from our Java applications without much overh...
11-10-2017 23:00:27 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Detecting Vulnerable Dependencies with Maven and the OWASP Dependency Check Plugin
On the one hand adding dependencies to a project is easy, on the other hand securing a project and checking for vulnerable dependencies is w...
04-10-2017 00:07:26 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Microbenchmarks with JMH / Java Microbenchmark Harness
Writing microbenchmarks for parts of our applications is not always easy especially when the internals of the virtual machine, the just-in-t...
02-10-2017 19:54:39 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Downloading Maven Artifacts from a POM file programmatically with Eclipse Aether
Sometimes I need to resolve Maven dependencies programmatically. Eclipse Aether is a library for working with artifact repositories and I'll...
08-09-2017 09:17:26 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Using JUnit 5 Parameterized Tests, Argument Sources and Converters
With JUnit 5 the possibilities to write parameterized tests have changed and improved a lot. The following short overview covers all new typ...
19-08-2017 20:26:16 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced

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