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Handling System Properties, Environment Variables, STDOUT/STDERR in JUnit Tests with System Rules
When important data is written to STDIN/STDOUT and an application relies on specific system properties or environment variables, writing tes...
19-12-2016 14:32:28 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Dependency Injection for Go with facebookgo-inject
Setting up a larger application using dependency injection always requires us developers to set up our application's object graph. Programmi...
09-11-2016 18:07:57 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Writing a Websocket Chat in Go
Learning the Go programming language, I wanted to implement an application that I had written with other languages and frameworks before to ...
29-10-2016 17:36:01 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Creating Microservices with Bootique
When it comes to writing microservices in Java, plenty of tools and frameworks exist. In the following tutorial, I'd like to demonstrate ano...
18-09-2016 18:58:12 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Elasticsearch Integration Testing with Java
When building up search engines, indexing tons of data into a schema-less, distributed data store, Elasticsearch has always been a favourite...
23-08-2016 18:31:25 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Object Graph Mapping by Example with Neo4j OGM and Java
When integrating a Neo4j database into a Java application a developer often needs to map nodes and edges of the graph to corresponding Java ...
18-07-2016 19:41:10 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
LDAP Testing with Java: ApacheDS vs Embedded-LDAP-JUnit
When writing applications that interchange information with LDAP directory services there is always the need to write integration tests for ...
04-07-2016 21:36:39 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Continuous Delivery with Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Pipelines
Atlassian has added a continuous integration service as a new feature to their Bitbucket Cloud product. It's called Bitbucket Pipelines and ...
01-07-2016 07:03:01 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Playing around with MQTT and Java with Moquette and Eclipse Paho
The MQ Telemetry Transport Protocol (MQTT) is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol developed in 1999 that experiences a growin...
01-06-2016 08:02:42 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced
Layout Testing with Galen, JUnit and Maven
Writing tests not only to verify the behaviour of a web site but also the correctness of its layout especially for responsive websites is no...
16-05-2016 19:40:44 hascode (Micha Kops) Advanced

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