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10 tips for convincing the managers for refactoring
I am pretty often facing the situation on software projects, that bosses are against the major refactoring. These refactorings are often tre...
01-12-2016 03:00:34 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
Performance tip for tuning SQL with UNION
This post will be short. It's about a lesson learned by tuning the big SQL used for loading items from not related tables using the same whe...
24-07-2016 08:30:27 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
What I would expect when joining the new project?
As I am an entrepreneur in software development area, I have fixed time&price projects. It also means that I am changing the projects from t...
11-07-2016 08:42:17 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
10 unfamiliar features in IntelliJ Idea
As I am pretty experienced with using [IntelliJ Idea IDE] - about five years - I have developed a style of using it for almost all the situa...
04-07-2016 07:25:00 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
Do you trust to your unit tests?
I am thinking about the value of the unit tests time to time. Sometimes I discover tests without asserts or the right assert(s) for the part...
24-06-2016 22:27:39 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
How complicated is to truly learn the Streams in Java?
Why am I about to write an article about well-documented feature of Java language, which is in use for more than two years in production env...
18-06-2016 09:58:22 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
My journey to face The Lambda expressions in Java
It's not a surprising to me. Even when I am using plenty of libraries, programming techniques, and programming languages, I barely know five...
03-06-2016 06:55:02 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
Assumptions driven-development
It's quite hard to admit, but recently I have almost entirely failed with initial design and implementation of one of the features needed in...
22-05-2016 06:55:07 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
Static analysis tools for Java landscape in 2016
In two recent articles I was talking about mistakes in using static analysis and kinds of static analysis tools. As a last part of this mini...
14-05-2016 08:15:56 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing
Kinds of Static analysis tools
I like clean code. I like code where is visible quality with the first touch of code. And I like predictable codebases which can be seen as ...
08-05-2016 17:33:59 mikealdo (Michal Davídek) Agile & Testing

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