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Java Selection sort example
Selection sort is an in-place comparison sort. It loops and find the first smallest value, swaps it with the first element; loop and find th...
26-04-2018 12:44:42 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Java Bubble sort example
Bubble sort is the simplest sorting algorithm, it compares the first two elements, if the first is greater than the second, swaps them, cont...
24-04-2018 12:39:51 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Intellij IDEA - System.out.println shortcut
In IDEA, you can type sout and press Tab to generate System.out.println automatically. Tips : To show all shortcuts, press CTRL + J Referenc...
12-04-2018 19:35:24 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Kotlin - How to Loop a Map
In Kotlin, you can loop a Map via the following ways: 1. for loop val items = HashMap() items["A"] = 10 items["B"] = 20 for ((k, v) in items...
12-04-2018 13:22:13 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
PHP + Windows - Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
Install Wordpress and hits the following error message : Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\nginx...
16-11-2017 17:37:34 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Fresh installs a Wordpress on Windows for development, and hits the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error message? Tested URL : Tested : PHP 7.1.10 W...
16-11-2017 11:32:13 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Nginx + PHP - No input file specified
A common Nginx + PHP error message "No input file specified." nginx.conf http { include mime.types; default_type application/octet-stream; s...
26-10-2017 00:34:12 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
php-cgi.exe - The application was unable to start correctly
Run php-cgi.exe and hits a pop up dialog showing the following error message : Application Error : The application was unable to start corre...
25-10-2017 18:23:12 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Nginx + PHP on Windows
This article shows you how to install and integrate Nginx and PHP on Windows. Tested Nginx 1.12.1 PHP 7.1.10 Windows 10 1. Install Nginx + P...
25-10-2017 12:06:11 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
PrimeFaces - Open Window By Dropdown Selection
Technology: Primefaces it's java based web framework to develop web applications using java. It's one of the compliance frameworks for JSF, ...
20-09-2017 18:21:40 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners

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