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Oracle PL/SQL - Before INSERT Trigger example
This article shows you how to use BEFORE INSERT TRIGGER
15-06-2017 10:38:54 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
JaCoCo Java Code Coverage + Maven example
Jacoco is used to measure the code coverage of application. In this tutorial we will understand how to configure Jacoco in maven and how to ...
14-06-2017 11:41:33 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
JAX London 2017 (10% discount) is one of the media partners for the coming JAX London 2017, in return, they are offering a 10% discount code for all the Mkyong....
06-06-2017 11:36:17 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
cURL - DELETE request examples
To send a DELETE request, uses cURL -X DELETE Terminal $ curl -X DELETE The above example will delete a user where user id is 100. Reference...
25-05-2017 16:30:35 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
cURL - PUT request examples
Example to use cURL -X PUT to send a PUT (update) request to update the user's name and email. Terminal $ curl -X PUT -d 'name=mkyong&email=...
25-05-2017 10:29:42 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
How to tell Maven to use Java 8
In pom.xml, defined this maven.compiler.source properties to tell Maven to use Java 8 to compile the project. 1. Maven Properties Java 8 pom...
24-05-2017 10:22:39 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Spring Boot + Spring Security + Thymeleaf example
A Spring Boot Thymeleaf example, uses Spring Security to protect path /admin and /user Technologies used : Spring Boot 1.5.3.RELEASE Spring ...
09-05-2017 09:37:12 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Spring Boot and Mustache - default value
In Spring Boot + Mustache template environment, if we didn't assign a value to a {{variable}} on the Mustache's page, the jmustache will thr...
21-04-2017 11:01:07 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Spring Boot Hello World Example - Mustache
A Spring Boot web application example, using embedded Tomcat + Mustache template engine, and package as an executable JAR file. Technologies...
19-04-2017 10:41:34 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Apache Solr Hello World Example
Apache Solr is an Open-source REST-API based Enterprise Real-time Search and Analytics Engine Server from Apache Software Foundation. It's c...
18-04-2017 11:26:40 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners

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