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REST: Deleting resources
In RESTful APIs resources are typically deleted using the HTTP DELETE method. The resource that should be deleted is identified by the reque...
29-09-2020 09:45:16 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Command-line JSON processing with jq
In this post we will learn how to parse, pretty-print and process JSON from the command-line with jq. At the end we will even use jq to do a...
22-09-2020 00:57:59 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Implementing the Proxy Pattern in Java
The Proxy Pattern Proxy is a common software design pattern. Wikipedia does a good job describing it like this: [..] In short, a proxy is a ...
15-09-2020 09:24:09 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Quick tip: Referencing other Properties in Spring
In Spring property (or yaml) files we can reference other properties using the ${..} syntax. For example: external.productSer...
09-09-2020 15:05:09 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST: Dealing with Pagination
In a previous post we learned how to retrieve resource collections. When those collections become larger, it is often useful to provide a wa...
02-09-2020 13:59:58 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST: Retrieving resources
Retrieving resources is probably the simplest REST API operation. It is implemented by sending a GET request to an appropriate resource URI....
27-08-2020 11:31:49 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
OCR in Java with Tess4J
Optical character recognition (OCR) is the conversion of images containing text to machine-encoded text. A popular tool for this is the open...
24-08-2020 01:48:20 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Introduction to Hypermedia REST APIs
Introduction When browsing the web we typically navigate from one site to another by following Hyperlinks. Those links make the web for huma...
18-08-2020 09:48:57 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Extending JUnit 5
A look into the past With JUnit 4 we have the option to run test with a custom JUnit runner (indicated by the @RunWith annotation). This all...
11-08-2020 09:44:44 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Integrating JSON Schema validation in Spring using a custom HandlerMethodArgumentResolver
In previous posts we learned about JSON Schema and how we can validate a JSON document against a JSON Schema in Java. In this post we will i...
03-08-2020 09:42:18 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced

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