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Java Text Blocks
Text Blocks are a JDK Enhancement Proposal (JEP 355) available as preview language feature in JDK 13 and 14. It is planned to become a perma...
03-06-2020 19:50:38 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Looking at Java Records
JEP 359, available as preview feature in JDK 14, introduces records to Java. Records are an easy way to model plain data aggregates. A simpl...
12-05-2020 19:40:21 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST / Using feeds to publish events
Dealing with events When working with multiple decoupled services (e.g. in a micro service architecture) it is very likely that you need a w...
06-05-2020 22:40:53 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Java 14: Looking at the updated switch statement
JDK 14, released in March 2020, comes with an updated version of the switch statement. This has been a preview feature in JDK 12 and JDK 13....
20-04-2020 19:59:27 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Composing custom annotations with Spring
Java Annotations were introduced with Java 5 back in 2004 as a way to add meta data into Java source code. Today many major frameworks like ...
23-02-2020 18:04:28 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST / HTTP methods: POST vs. PUT vs. PATCH
Each HTTP request consists of a method (sometimes called verb) that indicates the action to be performed on the identified resource. When bu...
12-02-2020 21:20:53 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
HTTP methods: Idempotency and Safety
Idempotency and safety are properties of HTTP methods. The HTTP RFC defines these properties and tells us which HTTP methods are safe and id...
09-02-2020 22:38:45 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Validating code and architecture constraints with ArchUnit
Introduction ArchUnit is a library for checking Java code against a set of self defined code and architecture constraints. These constraints...
01-02-2020 16:21:58 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Creating an API Gateway with Zuul and Spring Boot
Introduction When working with micro services it is common to have unified access-point to your system (also called API Gateway). Consumers ...
23-01-2020 22:56:21 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Method parameter validation with Spring and JSR 303
Spring provides an easy way to validate method parameters using JSR 303 bean validation. In this post we will see how to use this feature. S...
06-01-2020 22:47:22 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced

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