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REST: Partial updates with PATCH
In previous posts we learned how to update/replace resources using the HTTP PUT operation. We also learned about the differences between POS...
17-01-2021 21:55:51 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
HATEOAS without links
Yes, I know this title sounds stupid, but could not find something that fits better. So let me explain why I think that links in HATEOAS API...
01-12-2020 13:33:51 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Validation in Kotlin: Valiktor
Bean Validation is the Java standard for validation and can be used in Kotlin as well. However, there are also two popular alternative libra...
19-11-2020 13:04:45 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST: Sorting collections
When building a RESTful API we often want to give consumers the option to order collections in a specific way (e.g. ordering users by last n...
06-11-2020 17:15:46 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Improving Spring Mock-MVC tests
Spring Mock-MVC can be a great way to test Spring Boot REST APIs. Mock-MVC allows us to test Spring-MVC request handling without running a r...
02-11-2020 20:54:31 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST: Updating resources
When building RESTful APIs over HTTP the PUT method is typically used for updating, while POST is used for creating resources. However, crea...
20-10-2020 14:33:15 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Spring Security: Delegating authorization checks to bean methods
In this post we will learn how authorization checks can be delegated to bean methods with Spring Security. We will also learn why this can b...
15-10-2020 14:44:39 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST: Working with asynchronous operations
Sometimes a REST API operation might take a considerable amount of time to complete. Instead of letting the client wait until the operation ...
07-10-2020 18:54:29 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
REST: Deleting resources
In RESTful APIs resources are typically deleted using the HTTP DELETE method. The resource that should be deleted is identified by the reque...
29-09-2020 09:45:16 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Command-line JSON processing with jq
In this post we will learn how to parse, pretty-print and process JSON from the command-line with jq. At the end we will even use jq to do a...
22-09-2020 00:57:59 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced

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