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Java EE 8 MVC: Global exception handling
In the previous previous posts we learned about various ways to access request information (e.g. query or path parameters) in Java EE MVC. T...
27-04-2016 18:17:11 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Simplifying nested loops with Java 8 Lambdas
This is just a quick tip for everyone who often has to work with multi dimensional arrays in Java 8 (or newer). In this case you might often...
03-04-2016 20:29:00 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Retry handling with Spring-Retry
Whenever software components communicate with each other, there is a chance for temporary self-correcting faults. Such faults include the te...
30-03-2016 23:34:20 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Java EE 8 MVC: Working with bean parameters
In the last posts we saw how to access query, path and form parameters in MVC Controllers. This post shows how multiple parameters can be ma...
15-03-2016 19:01:56 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Converting Markdown to PDF or DOCX with Pandoc
Markdown is a popular text formatting syntax among developers these days. Popular Sites like Github or Bitbucket use Markdown for project do...
29-02-2016 19:00:38 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Java EE 8 MVC: Working with form parameters
In the previous two posts we saw how to work with query and path parameters in the upcoming Java EE MVC framework. This post focuses on form...
22-02-2016 19:14:07 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Java EE 8 MVC: Working with Path Parameters
In the previous post we saw how to work with query parameters in Java EE MVC. This post continues with a very similar topic: path parameters...
31-01-2016 18:56:57 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Java EE 8 MVC: Working with query parameters
In the previous post about the new Java EE MVC Framework we had a detailed look on Controllers. In this and the following posts we will see ...
14-01-2016 19:05:32 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Java EE 8 MVC: A detailed look at Controllers
Java EE MVC is a new action based MVC framework planned for Java EE 8 and specified in JSR-371. This is the second post of my Java EE 8 MVC ...
04-10-2015 13:17:06 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced
Resource versioning with Spring MVC
When serving static resources, it is common practice to append some kind of version information to the resource URL. This allows the browser...
21-09-2015 04:25:36 mscharhag (Michael Scharhag) Advanced

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