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Monitoring Apache Ignite Cluster With Grafana (Part 1)
Apache Ignite is built on JVM and not a set-it-and-forget-it system. So, like other distributed systems, it requires monitoring for acting o...
03-06-2019 13:35:19 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
8 things every developer should know about the Apache Ignite caching
Any technology, no matter how advanced it is, will not be able to solve your problems if you implement it improperly. Caching, precisely whe...
24-03-2019 09:46:34 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
A Simple Checklist for Apache Ignite Beginners
If you're just starting with this great open source framework, don't worry, we're here to help. Check out this great resource to help get yo...
22-02-2019 10:38:47 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
Book review: The Apache Ignite book by Md Sadruddin
The book review was done by Md Sadruddin and publish on his web site The part of the review is published here with permissio...
28-01-2019 10:19:04 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
Using Apache Ignite thin client - Apache Ignite insider blog
From the version 2.4.0, Apache Ignite introduced a new way to connect to the Ignite cluster, which allows communication with the Ignite clus...
15-01-2019 20:24:24 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
This week The apache Ignite book becomes one of the top books of leanpub
This week The apache Ignite book becomes one of the top books of leanpub.
21-12-2018 15:49:13 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
Apache Ignite quick start guide
Recently we made a massive update on our lean publishing book The Apache Ignite Book. The book still is in progress. However, for the develo...
14-12-2018 14:26:39 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
Apache Ignite Baseline Topology by Examples
Ignite Baseline Topology or BLT represents a set of server nodes in the cluster that persists data on disk. Where, N1-2 and N5 server nodes ...
05-12-2018 11:19:21 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
Key differences between Apache Ignite, Hazelcast, Cassandra and Tarantool
Apache Ignite is widely used around the world and is growing all the time. Companies like Barclays, Misys, Sberbank (3r largest bank in Euro...
23-10-2018 14:36:51 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced
Real-Time Data Replication Between Ignite Clusters Through Kafka
Apache Ignite, from version 1.6 on, provides a new way to do data processing based on Kafka Connect. Kafka Connect, a new feature introduced...
09-10-2018 09:59:55 My workspace (Shamim Bhuiyan) Advanced

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