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Chromebook: Using Logitech Unifying Receiver
PROBLEM If you have a decent Logitech keyboard/mouse, chances are you might also have a Logitech Unifying Receiver, which is a small USB don...
03-08-2021 16:25:29 myshittycode Advanced
GCP + Container Registry: Pushing/Pulling Images
PROBLEM You want to push a new image to Google Container Registry (GCR) or pull an existing image from GCR. SOLUTION Pushing a New Image to ...
28-05-2021 21:22:20 myshittycode Advanced
Ansible: Handling Multiple Hosts via SSH
PROBLEM To run Ansible playbook in multiple hosts via SSH. SOLUTION Configuring SSH environment Ensure SSH keypair exists on the current mac...
19-05-2021 16:21:32 myshittycode Advanced
Squid: Configuring Whitelisted URLs
PROBLEM To configure a proxy server that only allows whitelisted URLs through. SOLUTION Install Squid in this case, on Ubuntu. Ensure the se...
22-04-2021 05:02:53 myshittycode Advanced
macOS Big Sur: Poor Screen Quality When Connecting to Old Monitor via HDMI
PROBLEM You have a shiny Mac laptop running macOS Big Sur. This laptop is connected to an old external monitor via HDMI. The screen quality ...
10-03-2021 04:51:03 myshittycode Advanced
Docker: Executing Startup Script When Running Container Interactively
PROBLEM When running the Docker container interactively (ex: docker run --rm -it myimage), you want to run a startup script every time. SOLU...
02-02-2021 05:30:15 myshittycode Advanced
Gone From Our Sight…
Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Unknown
15-12-2020 21:04:00 myshittycode Advanced
Git: Querying Tags Without Cloning the Repository
PROBLEM A typical way to get a list of tags from a repository is to clone it before running git tag:- versionsort.suffix=- ensures 1.0.0-XXX...
03-10-2020 06:25:26 myshittycode Advanced
RPM: Performing Offline Installation
PROBLEM To perform an offline (or airgapped) installation, sometimes it's not sufficient to download just the needed RPM package. In most ca...
05-07-2020 02:35:35 myshittycode Advanced
Nginx: Requesting and Configuring SSL Certificate
INTRO Step by step instructions for my future self to obtain the SSL certificate and to configure it in Nginx because my fragile little brai...
25-06-2020 23:42:49 myshittycode Advanced

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