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Spring Boot: Connecting to IBM MQ over JMS using non-IBM JRE
There are several ways to connect to IBM MQ:- nectionFactory s...
24-04-2019 03:54:47 myshittycode Advanced
React: Debugging Layout Thrashing
PROBLEM When the React app grows larger over time, it is highly likely to run into situations where the component keeps re-rendering for no ...
16-04-2019 05:26:13 myshittycode Advanced
Groovy/Java: Handling Byte Order Marks When Reading a File
PROBLEM Given a file with the following content:- When reading the file:- the following values are printed:- Even though the value is trimme...
29-08-2018 04:56:54 myshittycode Advanced
Spring Web: Encode ‘+' Value Using UriComponentsBuilder
PROBLEM Given the following code When using Spring Web 4.3.18.RELEASE, the URL is properly encoded:- However, when using version between 5.0...
13-08-2018 18:09:08 myshittycode Advanced
macOS + Eclipse: The ‘X' Executable Launcher was Unable to Locate its Companion Shared Library
PROBLEM When attempting to launch Eclipse-based app (ex: on Mac, the following error is thrown:- SOLUTION This problem seems to o...
14-06-2018 04:21:36 myshittycode Advanced
Webpack + ESLint: Automatically Fix ESLint Errors
PROBLEM Given the following webpack.config.js When running any Webpack command, ESLint may find violations and halt the entire process with ...
03-04-2018 02:25:28 myshittycode Advanced
React + Recompose: Calling Multiple HOC Wrappers
PROBLEM Sometimes, wrapping a React component with multiple High Order Components (HOC) can get rather unwieldy and unreadable. For example:...
02-04-2018 20:11:43 myshittycode Advanced
PHP + Composer: The Process "php -S -t public index.php" Exceeded the Timeout of 300 Seconds
PROBLEM Given the following composer.json When running composer start The PHP built-in web server stops with the following error message SOL...
21-03-2018 02:53:13 myshittycode Advanced
Slim: Class ‘X' Not Found
PROBLEM Let's assume we have the following project structure with src/model/Person.php created and the class may look something like this an...
15-03-2018 01:39:16 myshittycode Advanced
Spring Security: Propagating Security Context to Spawned Threads
PROBLEM Let's assume we have the following Parent class and Child class Let's also assume the user has successfully logged in and Spring Sec...
10-03-2018 04:56:12 myshittycode Advanced

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