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WordPress: Creating Gutenberg-Block Compatible Posts Using Rest API
This article shows how you can dynamically create new WordPress posts using REST API that is compatible with Gutenberg blocks. When done cor...
03-01-2023 19:22:05 myshittycode Advanced
GitHub: Key is Already in Use
PROBLEM When trying to add a SSH key in GitHub, an error "Key is already in use" is thrown even though you signed into GitHub using a differ...
23-11-2022 17:28:31 myshittycode Advanced
Terraform: Updating State Using "Moved" Block
This post illustrates how you can rename existing resources or restructure the Terraform codebase without destroying and recreating the reso...
30-04-2022 20:32:19 myshittycode Advanced
Enabling Python VirtualEnv in JupyterLab
This post illustrates how you can enable Python virtualenv in GCP JupyterLab so that you can organize your .ipynb files to use different vir...
25-04-2022 05:41:09 myshittycode Advanced
Wildcard Subdomains in /etc/hosts
This post illustrates how you use a DNS forwarder to manage wildcard subdomains so that you don't have to explicitly list each subdomain in ...
24-04-2022 21:55:30 myshittycode Advanced
Mac + DNS: Wildcard Subdomains in /etc/hosts
PROBLEM When trying to map multiple subdomains (ex: a.localhost, b.localhost, c.localhost, d.localhost) to the same IP, it is not possible t...
29-03-2022 22:44:03 myshittycode Advanced
JupyterLab Notebook: Enabling Python Virtual Environment
PROBLEM You are using GCP JupyterLab Notebook. You want to adhere to the Python development best practices by not polluting the global envir...
18-03-2022 23:37:56 myshittycode Advanced
GCSFuse + Docker: "Error while creating mount source path ‘/a': mkdir /a: file exists."
PROBLEM You want to volume mount a FUSE-mounted directory to a container, for example: When attempting to run the container an error occurre...
03-03-2022 02:42:14 myshittycode Advanced
GCP: Accessing GUI-Based Software in GCE from Mac using X11
PROBLEM You want to access a GUI-based software that is installed in a GCE instance without using NoMachine. SOLUTION GCE Instance (One Time...
24-02-2022 02:16:10 myshittycode Advanced
GCP: Pushing Codebase from IntelliJ IDEA to VM Instance
OBJECTIVE To push codebase from IntelliJ IDEA (or any JetBrains products) on a local machine to a VM instance in Google Cloud Platform. To r...
09-02-2022 02:55:06 myshittycode Advanced

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