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Webpack: Managing Tree Shaking
PROBLEM Sometimes, Webpack's tree-shaking may accidentally eliminate imported code from import statements. For example, we may have a root J...
10-07-2019 03:28:24 myshittycode Advanced
Azure: Deploying WAR File to Tomcat
PROBLEM Typically, when using ZipDeploy to push a WAR file (ex: my-app.war) to an Azure instance, we need to:- Rename my-app.war to ROOT.war...
03-05-2019 04:03:31 myshittycode Advanced
Feign + Eureka: UnknownHostException when Attempting to Invoke a Service
PROBLEM When attempting use Feign to invoke a service through Eureka, the following exception occurs:- SOLUTION Go to the donkey-kong-servic...
01-05-2019 05:00:30 myshittycode Advanced
Spring Boot: Restarting App using Dev Tools with IntelliJ IDEA
Spring Boot provides spring-boot-devtools module that allows the app to "smartly" restart whenever the files on the classpath have changed. ...
26-04-2019 19:54:24 myshittycode Advanced
Spring Boot: Connecting to IBM MQ over JMS using non-IBM JRE
There are several ways to connect to IBM MQ:- nectionFactory s...
24-04-2019 03:54:47 myshittycode Advanced
React: Debugging Layout Thrashing
PROBLEM When the React app grows larger over time, it is highly likely to run into situations where the component keeps re-rendering for no ...
16-04-2019 05:26:13 myshittycode Advanced
Groovy/Java: Handling Byte Order Marks When Reading a File
PROBLEM Given a file with the following content:- When reading the file:- the following values are printed:- Even though the value is trimme...
29-08-2018 04:56:54 myshittycode Advanced
Spring Web: Encode ‘+' Value Using UriComponentsBuilder
PROBLEM Given the following code When using Spring Web 4.3.18.RELEASE, the URL is properly encoded:- However, when using version between 5.0...
13-08-2018 18:09:08 myshittycode Advanced
macOS + Eclipse: The ‘X' Executable Launcher was Unable to Locate its Companion Shared Library
PROBLEM When attempting to launch Eclipse-based app (ex: on Mac, the following error is thrown:- SOLUTION This problem seems to o...
14-06-2018 04:21:36 myshittycode Advanced
Webpack + ESLint: Automatically Fix ESLint Errors
PROBLEM Given the following webpack.config.js When running any Webpack command, ESLint may find violations and halt the entire process with ...
03-04-2018 02:25:28 myshittycode Advanced

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