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JUnit 5 – Parameterized Tests
Thorough introduction to parameterized tests in JUnit 5: How to create them, how to name them, where to get the arguments from, and how to c...
29-05-2017 11:26:02 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Java 9 Resources – Talks, Articles, Blogs, Books And Courses
You can tell that Java 9 draws near because the number of posts and talks about it skyrocketed in the recent months. I want to recommend exi...
02-05-2017 10:07:55 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Optional Dependencies in the Java Platform Module System
The module system allows optional dependencies with the 'requires static' clause. Module required this way are accessible at compile time bu...
03-04-2017 15:13:36 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Repackaging Exceptions In Streams
My first stab at exception handling in Java streams. Explores how to repackage checked exceptions so that they can be thrown without the com...
13-02-2017 10:32:53 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Why Elvis Should Not Visit Java
The desire for the null-coalescing/Elvis operator as a killer feature for terse null-handling echoes through the Java community. It should n...
31-01-2017 11:01:20 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
SPJCN III: JavaOne 2016
In the third issue of SitePoint's Java Channel Newsletter I summarize JavaOne 2016 and recommend interesting talks to watch. The post SPJCN ...
26-01-2017 19:21:31 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
SPJCN IV: Quo Vadis Scala
In the fourth issue of SitePoint's Java Channel Newsletter I summarize the discussion of Scala's presumable demise. The post SPJCN IV: Quo V...
26-01-2017 13:03:37 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Reflection vs Encapsulation
Historically reflection could be used to break into any code that ran in the same JVM. With Java 9 this is going to change. One of the two m...
18-01-2017 16:46:50 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Hello 2017!
To finish all the projects I started in 2016, I will have to be disciplined and focused in 2017. Discipline and focus... what delightful wor...
01-01-2017 17:04:13 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Goodbye 2016, Sorry For Fucking Up
Wow, did we fuck up 2016! It looks like it was the year humanity decided to finally stop trying. But this post is not about that, it's about...
29-12-2016 14:52:09 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing

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