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Unlocking Intersection Types With ‘var' In Java 10
With 'var' it becomes much easier to work with intersection types in Java 10 and later. You still need non-trivial tricks with generics to d...
11-06-2018 09:41:24 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Improve Launch Times On Java 10 With Application Class-Data Sharing
On Java 10+, you can use application class-data sharing to reduce launch times, response time outliers, and memory footprint. By archiving c...
13-03-2018 12:14:25 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
How To Use Multi-release JARs To Target Multiple Java Versions
Multi-release JARs allow you to create a single JAR that contains bytecode for several Java versions with jar --version 9 (or 10, or...). Pr...
26-02-2018 17:01:06 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Code First Java 9 Tutorial
So, Java 9 came out last year... What now? Where to get started? If that's what you're asking yourself, then you've come to the right place!...
05-02-2018 09:09:34 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018
2017 draws to a close and 2018 is knocking. My annual review and preview went to my newsletter, so subscribe or head over to Medium to read ...
09-01-2018 19:11:35 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Maven on Java 9 – Five Things You Need To Know
Want to build with Maven on Java 9? Here's how to use the compiler executable, toolchains, and mavenrc to run Maven on Java 9 and how to use...
18-12-2017 11:38:52 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
First Contact With ‘var' In Java 10
Java 10 introduces the var keyword, which lets the compiler infer local variable types. Here's how it works, why it exists, and how it impac...
16-11-2017 09:03:22 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Making JSR 305 Work On Java 9
Using annotations from JSR-305 (@Nonnull, @Nullable, etc.) with others from the javax.annotation package (@Generated, @PostConstruct) on Jav...
25-10-2017 08:19:23 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Code First Java 9 Module System Tutorial
Learn all the module system basics in this tutorial: how to declare modules with, compile, package, and launch them and wha...
04-10-2017 02:20:34 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Unified Logging In Java 9 With The -Xlog Option
Java 9 introduces unified logging, a central mechanism configurable with -Xlog to observe class loading, threading, the garbage collector, t...
27-09-2017 12:20:34 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing

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