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Java 11 HTTP/2 API Tutorial
Java 11 ships with a new, fluent HTTP/2 API. This tutorial explains the basic building blocks and how to send requests synchronously and asy...
16-10-2018 10:32:10 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
All You Need To Know For Migrating To Java 11
Migrating from Java 8 to Java 11? Then this post has got you covered. It discusses licensing, long-term support, update preparations, versio...
25-09-2018 13:47:16 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
JUnit 5 Architecture or "What's Jupiter?"
JUnit 4 came in a single artifact, blending all uses cases into one bundle. The JUnit 5 architecture promotes a better separation of concern...
08-08-2018 14:07:35 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
JUnit 5 Conditions: @Enabled, @Disabled, And Customized
A detailed look at @Disabled, its conditional counterparts, and how to create custom conditions that allow us to flexibly disable test metho...
08-08-2018 07:58:01 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Unlocking Traits With ‘var' In Java 10
With 'var' it is possible to ad-hoc combine traits into an instance that matches your exact requirements. This allows for pretty cool experi...
28-06-2018 14:08:35 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Unlocking Intersection Types With ‘var' In Java 10
With 'var' it becomes much easier to work with intersection types in Java 10 and later. You still need non-trivial tricks with generics to d...
11-06-2018 09:41:24 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Improve Launch Times On Java 10 With Application Class-Data Sharing
On Java 10+, you can use application class-data sharing to reduce launch times, response time outliers, and memory footprint. By archiving c...
13-03-2018 12:14:25 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
How To Use Multi-release JARs To Target Multiple Java Versions
Multi-release JARs allow you to create a single JAR that contains bytecode for several Java versions with jar --version 9 (or 10, or...). Pr...
26-02-2018 17:01:06 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Code First Java 9 Tutorial
So, Java 9 came out last year... What now? Where to get started? If that's what you're asking yourself, then you've come to the right place!...
05-02-2018 09:09:34 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing
Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018
2017 draws to a close and 2018 is knocking. My annual review and preview went to my newsletter, so subscribe or head over to Medium to read ...
09-01-2018 19:11:35 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing

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