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A real-world example of a Stream Collector
Java Stream's Collectors methods fit most use-cases. They allow returning either a Collection or a scalar. For the former, you use one of th...
02-05-2021 19:51:52 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
An example of overengineering - keep it WET
This week's post is pretty short. I've already written about overengineering, but this adds a personal touch. I had to rewrite my Jet Train ...
25-04-2021 19:17:47 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
A look at Kotlin's delegation
Kotlin offers many exciting features. In general, developers tend to cite null safety as their favorite. For me, it's function extensions. B...
18-04-2021 19:04:33 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Your own custom Spring Data repository
Frameworks promise to speed up one's development pace provided one follows the mainstream path. The path may be more or less narrow. I'm a b...
11-04-2021 18:19:21 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Changing a field's type in recent JDKs
A couple of years ago, I attended a talk of my former colleague (but still friend) Volker Simonis. It gave me the idea to dig a bit into the...
04-04-2021 18:56:32 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
A (definitive?) guide on LazyInitializationException
Posts that have been written about Hibernate's LazyInitializationExcepti on could probably fill whole books. Yet, I believe each of them foc...
28-03-2021 17:44:53 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Kicking Spring Native's tires
I've been playing with GraalVM AOT compilation capability since I became aware of it. As a long-time Spring aficionado, I carefully monitore...
21-03-2021 18:15:54 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Backpressure in Reactive Systems
Mid-January, I held a talk at based on my post Migrating from Imperative to Reactive (a Spring Boot application). Because i...
14-03-2021 18:18:27 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Goodbye minikube
I've been using minikube as my local cluster since I started to learn Kubernetes. But I've decided to let it go in favor of kind. Here's the...
07-03-2021 18:17:01 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Monitoring across frameworks
Gone are the times when developers' jobs ended with the release of the application. Nowadays, developers care more and more about the operat...
28-02-2021 19:13:41 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing

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