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Structuring data with Logstash
Given the trend around microservices, it has become mandatory to be able to follow a transaction across multiple microservices. Spring Cloud...
27-11-2016 18:37:52 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Debugging hints for Logstash
As a Java developer, when you are first shown how to run the JVM in debug mode, attach to it and then set a breakpoint, you really feel like...
20-11-2016 19:37:37 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Another post-processor for Spring Boot
Most Spring developers know about the BeanPostProcessor and the BeanFactoryPostProcessor classes. The former enables changes to new bean ins...
13-11-2016 16:53:35 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Travis CI tutorial Java projects
As a consultant, I've done a lot of Java projects in different "enterprise" environments. In general, the Continuous Integration stack - whe...
06-11-2016 17:17:23 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Easy DSL design with Kotlin
In Android, every tutorial teaching you the basics describe how to design screen through XML files. It's also possible to achieve the same r...
30-10-2016 16:58:16 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
HTTP headers forwarding in microservices
Microservices are not a trend anymore. Like it or not, they are here to stay. Yet, there's a huge gap before embracing the microservice arch...
23-10-2016 17:49:17 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Extension functions for more consistent APIs
Kotlin's extension functions are a great way to add behavior to a type sitting outside one's control - the JDK or a third-party library. For...
16-10-2016 17:11:43 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Making sure inter-teams communication doesn't work
Let's face it, most developers - myself included, prefer to deal with code than with people. However, when communicating with other develope...
09-10-2016 19:08:33 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Type-safe annotations
I don't like dynamically-typed languages - scripting languages in other terms. Of course, I've to live with Javascript because it's so ubiqu...
02-10-2016 22:03:04 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Should tests be ordered or not?
Most of our day-to-day job is learned through mentorship and experience and not based upon scientific research. Once a dogma has permeated a...
25-09-2016 17:18:33 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing

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