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Git service providers comparison
Since its inception, the attitude of GitHub toward repositories was to allow unlimited public repositories, while make private ones paying. ...
04-02-2019 12:48:50 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
The sieve of Eratosthenes
Recently, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread pointing to a repository comparing the performances of implementations of the Sieve of Eratosthene...
27-01-2019 18:43:30 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
OpenJDK 11, tools of the trade
In my talk about the Security Manager, I demo an attack using the Attach API. The later requires to know about the PID of the JVM one wants ...
20-01-2019 16:58:03 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Learning Clojure: transducers
This post is the 6th part in a series dedicated to learning Clojure. This week, the subject is transducers. But before diving into that subj...
15-01-2019 20:24:45 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Hacking a web page's JavaScript
I recently acquired a Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote to help me during my presentations. While some conferences propose clickers to ...
07-01-2019 21:30:01 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
A hard look at the state of Java modularization
When Jigsaw was released with Java 9, it was the end of a long process - it had been postponed already - and it had to be released. With the...
07-01-2019 15:00:48 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Teaching Java with Jupyter notebooks
Whatever the side of the fence you've been on in trainings - teacher or student, I believe we all share the same experience: it's very hard ...
23-12-2018 18:06:00 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Even and odd with coroutines
Recently, I stumbled upon one of Baeldung's post showing how to use threads to print odd and even numbers: one thread dedicated to print odd...
16-12-2018 18:18:35 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Limits of programming by interface
One of the earliest and most fundamental principle one learns while coding is programming by interface. Definition Interface-based programmi...
09-12-2018 17:53:08 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Beware the Attach API
A post brought to light an interesting feature of the JDK I didn't know about: the ability to update a code running in a JVM. The referenced...
02-12-2018 18:43:11 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing

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