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#56: Test-driven development
Test-driven development (TDD for short) means developing software by writing tests first. I hope you all write unit and integration tests. B...
02-11-2021 10:22:29 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
The Missing README: A Guide for the New Software Engineer book review
I recently read The Missing README: A Guide for the New Software Engineer by Chris Riccomini and Dmitriy Ryaboy. I'm something of a Junior m...
27-10-2021 10:30:45 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#55: Percentages, percentage points and basis points: understand your metrics
You might find this topic weird, but understanding percentages is crucial not only in banking. What does it mean when disk space decreased b...
25-10-2021 23:24:35 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#54: Immutability: from data structures to data centers
Immutability means that when something was once created, it can't be changed. This concept is tremendously important across our whole indust...
19-10-2021 10:11:19 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#53: CDN: Content Delivery Network: global scale caching
CDN is a set of geographically distributed servers for fast content delivery. Without CDN all requests are routed to your own server, locate...
11-10-2021 23:45:33 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#52: How computers work: from electrons to Electron
Today I'd like to explain how computers work. From the ground up, grossly simplifying. It all starts with an electric field. It's a place wh...
05-10-2021 00:49:51 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#51: Cloud computing: more than renting servers per minute
Cloud computing is a broad term. In general, it refers to using hardware and software managed by someone else. Typically with very flexible ...
28-09-2021 01:07:55 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#50: Property-based testing: find bugs automatically by generating thousands of test cases
Property-based testing is an approach to automatically test software against well-defined rules. We don't specify desired output for a few i...
21-09-2021 09:31:34 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#49: Functional programming: academic research or new hope for the industry?
Functional programming means programming using functions. See, I need much less than 256 seconds for that! Unfortunately, this definition is...
14-09-2021 01:19:05 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#48: Distributed tracing: find bottlenecks in complex systems
Life used to be simple. In a traditional monolithic application, when a failure occurred, you could easily find the problem. When an excepti...
07-09-2021 10:29:26 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced

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