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#47: Terraform: managing infrastructure as code
Terraform is fairly low-level software for managing your infrastructure. For instance, it's used to create and provision cloud instances, ne...
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#39: DNS: one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet
Domain name system (DNS for short) is one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet. In the Internet all communication is routed through ...
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#40: Docker: more than a process, less than a VM
When two processes run on the same machine, they are somewhat isolated. For example, they cannot read each other's memory. However, they sti...
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#41: Unicode: can you see these: Æ, 爱 and ?
Computers speak bits and bytes. Numbers in general. They don't understand images, poems and JSON. When we say "hello", it needs to be encode...
02-07-2021 20:02:06 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#42: Flow control and backpressure: slowing down to remain stable
Imagine two independent systems communicating with each other. One producing data and the other consuming it. There must be some place where...
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#43: Public-key cryptography: math invention that revolutionized the Internet
Disclaimer: this podcast is not about cryptocurrencies. I despise them. Instead, we'll talk about asymmetric encryption. One of the most won...
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#44: RESTful APIs: much more than JSON over HTTP
REST is an architectural style of communication, based on HTTP. It was proposed in the year 2000 by Roy Fielding. In his dissertation he des...
02-07-2021 00:13:53 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#45: Node.js: running JavaScript on the server (!)
JavaScript language is primarily used inside your web browser. Your computer downloads a JavaScript file and executes it on your machine. Bu...
01-07-2021 17:48:56 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Running operations eagerly just in case: Reactor FAQ
Occasionally I give workshops on Reactor and WebFlux. Last time I got the following real-life problem to solve:
01-07-2021 11:00:57 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
#46: Kubernetes: Orchestrating large-scale deployments
Kubernetes is a platform for managing various workloads inside containers. Before I jump into a definition, let's describe the problems it t...
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