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See how Google is tracking your location. With Python, Jupyter, Pandas, Geopandas and Matplotlib
In sales, you can hear the acronym ABC: Always Be Closing. Closing means making a deal with a customer. Last decade gave rise to another acr...
30-03-2020 02:06:50 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
GraphQL server in Java: Part III: Improving concurrency
The idea behind GraphQL is to reduce the number of network round-trips by batching multiple, often unrelated requests, into a single network...
23-03-2020 23:23:07 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
GraphQL server in Java: Part II: Understanding Resolvers
In part I we developed a really simple GraphQL server. That solution has a serious flaw: all fields are loaded eagerly on the backend, even ...
24-10-2019 21:03:41 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
GraphQL server in Java: Part I: Basics
Near Zegrzy skie LakeSuperficially, there is no reason GraphQL servers are typically written in Node.js. However callbacked-based languages ...
01-10-2019 01:50:39 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Fallbacks Are Overrated - Architecting For Resilience
AbstractFallbacks in circuit breakers replace failure with some pre-configured response so that the scope of the malfunction is limited and ...
10-07-2019 11:16:37 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Map.merge() - One method to rule them all
SuwalszczyznaI don't often explain a single method in JDK, but when I do, it's about Map.merge(). Probably the most versatile operation in t...
04-03-2019 10:08:37 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Designing Data-Intensive Applications: my favourite book of last year
Warsaw Old TownMartin Kleppmann, the author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintaina...
26-02-2019 00:29:05 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
RxJava vs Reactor
Summary:Stick to whichever library you already have on your CLASSPATH.If you get a choice, Reactor is preferable, RxJava 2.x is still a good...
07-02-2019 23:44:49 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Brute-forcing a seemingly simple number puzzle
From StackOverflowSomething was bothering me for almost two decades. It was a pen and paper game that I learned when I was around 13. The ru...
26-09-2018 21:59:02 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Thread pool self-induced deadlocks
Summary (reading time: 10 minutes)Deadlocks are caused by many threads locking the same resourcesDeadlocks can also occur if thread pool is ...
10-09-2018 09:13:50 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced

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