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What people expect to see at the conferences
As a public presenter, I always wonder what kind of presentation should I submit for tech conferences. Knowing what people want to hear abou...
24-01-2017 11:02:28 Ondrej Mihalyi Beginners
My recent talks at JUG in Prague
In June, I had a public presentation at a Java User Group in Prague. It was the first time I gave my new talk about building reactive applic...
12-09-2016 22:54:08 Ondrej Mihalyi Beginners
So, Oracle killed
Well, not yet but they announced to shutdown and kenai by May 2017. I have been interviewed about this for an ADTmag article The Su...
12-09-2016 16:47:57 Ondrej Mihalyi Beginners
The simplest way to define a singleton in Java correctly
A singleton pattern is probably the simplest well-known design pattern, but still people often implement it incorrectly in Java. The main go...
12-09-2016 10:21:48 Ondrej Mihalyi Beginners

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