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Digital Business in the Time of COVID-19
OverOps CTO Tal Weiss shares some thoughts on application reliability in a time of economic uncertainty and increased reliance on software. ...
25-03-2020 17:55:58 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Shift Left with OverOps and SonarQube
OverOps' new SonarQube integration brings together the best in static and dynamic analysis to ensure your code is always production-ready. M...
18-03-2020 14:05:00 OverOps (overops) Advanced
The Robinhood Outage, Corornavirus and Keeping Your Software Healthy
What's the connection between Robinhood services, Coronavirus and your application's health? It's all about the environment. For those of yo...
05-03-2020 17:33:43 OverOps (overops) Advanced
JVM Ecosystem Survey Results: 2020 Edition
The results of Snyk's annual survey on the JVM ecosystem are in! Below we take a look at what's new, what stayed the same, and what surprise...
26-02-2020 22:11:02 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Debugging Distributed Systems: 3 Common Distributed Tracing Challenges & How to Overcome Them
Below we outline common approaches to distributed tracing, the challenges these methods pose and how OverOps can help deliver greater insigh...
19-02-2020 19:33:13 OverOps (overops) Advanced
The DevOps Paradox: How to Balance Speed, Quality and Complexity
OverOps sat down with the hosts of the DevOps Paradox podcast to discuss continuous reliability and the multitude of challenges facing today...
12-02-2020 20:08:57 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Iowa Caucus Disaster: 2 Techniques to Avoid Your Next Critical App Crash
The course of digital transformation never did run smooth. This week's caucus catastrophe provides us with an important lesson in the value ...
05-02-2020 18:51:09 OverOps (overops) Advanced
OverOps for .NET: A New Way to Identify, Prevent and Resolve Code-Level Errors in .NET Applications
New OverOps support for .NET enables enterprises to prevent rapid code changes from impacting the customer experience. After working with en...
14-01-2020 18:12:37 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Don't Let New Errors Ruin Your New Year
Happy New Year from OverOps! Resolve to eliminate new application errors in 2020 with the help of OverOps' Continuous Reliability solution. ...
07-01-2020 22:19:25 OverOps (overops) Advanced
How We Built OverOps for Enterprise-Scale Environments
OverOps analyzes code at runtime to tell you when, where and why code breaks in the world's most demanding production and pre-production env...
17-12-2019 18:17:01 OverOps (overops) Advanced

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