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Report: Technical Debt is Costing You More Than You Think
How many errors does the average application have? And, how much do these errors cost companies each year? We all know application issues co...
26-03-2019 16:55:09 OverOps (overops) Advanced
The Complete Guide to Java 12 New Features
6 months flew by so fast, and again, it's time to take a closer look at the new JDK version that's out. Let's meet Java 12 and the features ...
21-03-2019 19:29:57 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Application Errors: Are They Costing You More Than You Thought?
You can figure out how much errors cost when they crash your application, but what about other errors and issues that are caught and known? ...
18-03-2019 19:13:22 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Top 7 Talks You Can't Miss at SREcon19 Americas
Known as the best place to be as a software engineer, SREcon is what happens when a diverse community of engineers gathers to collaborate, g...
12-03-2019 20:24:11 OverOps (overops) Advanced
7 Talks to Add to Your Schedule at DevNexus 2019
It's hot, it's relevant, and it's the second largest Java conference in the nation. It's DevNexus, the conference by developers for develope...
04-03-2019 22:30:04 OverOps (overops) Advanced
The Bridge Between Dev and Ops Needs Automated Structural Visibility
Guest post by Jason English, Principal Analyst, Intellyx November 7, 1940. When the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge was completed in summer and ...
26-02-2019 18:22:03 OverOps (overops) Advanced
How to Stop Bad Releases From Being Deployed to Production with OverOps
Following on our latest launch of OverOps Reliability Dashboards, it's time to take a closer look at the dashboards themselves and see what ...
25-02-2019 16:14:45 OverOps (overops) Advanced
How DevOps and SRE Teams Can Triage Issues with OverOps' Reliability Dashboards
New OverOps Reliability Dashboards score deployments, applications and infrastructure configurations so teams can drill down into operationa...
19-02-2019 18:53:25 OverOps (overops) Advanced
Join our Webinar: How OverOps Stops Bad Releases From Being Promoted to Production
How OverOps Stops Bad Releases From Being Promoted to Production A key challenge in maintaining and accelerating the speed of software deliv...
08-02-2019 22:42:55 OverOps (overops) Advanced
On-Demand Webinar: Reframing the Dev vs. Ops Blame Game
The New Dev and Ops Collaboration: Reframing the Dev vs. Ops Blame Game Is DevOps really a common practice fueling Dev and Ops collaboration...
07-02-2019 21:31:15 OverOps (overops) Advanced

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