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Why Writing Correct Software Is Hard
We try to understand the relationship between programs and correctness, and in particular, why writing correct programs must be hard. We wil...
23-07-2016 11:01:49 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
Benchmarking High-Concurrency HTTP Servers on the JVM
A common-sense, use-case-oriented and API-aware analytic and comparative benchmark with an eye on high concurrency.
26-05-2016 00:36:09 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
Distributed Quasar Actors with Kafka and ZeroMQ
We'll show how Apache Kafka and ZeroMQ can be integrated with Quasar to create distributed actors.
25-05-2016 17:27:51 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
Comsat 0.6.0: Kafka producers, faster Web Actors and faster servlets
Shipping a new Kafka integration and improved performance for both Web Actors and servlets.
10-02-2016 15:26:40 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
High-Concurrency HTTP Clients on the JVM
Why you should care about Quasar and Comsat when making lots of concurrent HTTP requests.
01-12-2015 17:00:00 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
Capsule Shield: Why Docker Is Not the Best Container Solution for JVM Applications
Capsule lets you run any JVM application in a lightweight, secure, unprivileged container. Package the container as a simple JAR file -- no ...
07-10-2015 17:00:00 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
From Imperative to Pure-Functional and Back Again: Monads vs. Scoped Continuations
Scoped continuations are to imperative code what monads are to pure-functional code: they are a powerful, type-safe uber-abstraction of impe...
06-08-2015 17:00:00 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
Comsat 0.4.0: OkHttp and HTTP Kit Client
The new Comsat release introduces new integrations as well as many improvements and fixes
30-06-2015 17:00:00 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced
A New Release of the Parallel Universe Stack
Today we released new versions of the Parallel Universe stack: Quasar 0.6.0 and Comsat 0.2.0
22-07-2014 21:00:00 ParallelUniverseBlog Advanced

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