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Booting Enterprise Java
Containerless applications, or more precisely applications with functionality formerly provided by a container bundled directly, are startin...
29-01-2017 11:09:09 Pavel Pscheidl Advanced
Java EE in Gartner report: démenti
Not so long ago, a Market guide for Application platforms published by Gartner appeared. The market guide, as it's authors Anne Thomas and A...
20-01-2017 21:44:50 Pavel Pscheidl Advanced
A quick reaction to hate on Java EE present in Gartner report
Recently, there was a report released by Gartner, titled "Market Guide for Application Platforms". However, this report does not focus on ap...
14-12-2016 11:56:23 Pavel Pscheidl Advanced
How to create REST API below JEE 6
Nowadays, there are application servers and applications based on older Java EE standards (< 6) still to be found. Anyhow, such applications...
07-11-2016 14:01:36 Pavel Pscheidl Advanced
Logging in JEE
In year 2016, Logging in Java has it's own API with interchangeable implementation, of required. The API is called Simple Logging Facade for...
07-11-2016 07:51:09 Pavel Pscheidl Advanced

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