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Who should go on journeyman tour
In our recent, bi-weekly software engineering podcast we talked about my Journeyman Tour. In particular Christian wanted to know who should ...
21-08-2019 00:33:45 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
During this year's GeeCON the crew organised an Open Space evening. (An Open Space is a self-organising meeting where the agenda is created ...
20-08-2019 00:37:46 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
In Memory of Ruby
Meet Ruby, our dog. Ruby was a Great Dane. If you are not into dogs, Great Danes are known for their size, being one of the largest dog bree...
17-08-2019 14:51:30 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Scheme Runtime and Editor Choices
Last month I wrote about my journey into the Scheme programming language, its standards and complete list of its special forms and functions...
23-01-2019 14:00:02 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Interview Hanno Embregts
I am happy to start the year with another guest interview on ethics in Software Development: Hanno Embregts is a developer, teacher and freq...
10-01-2019 10:41:38 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Scheme Programming Language
With the beginning of this year I "fell" into Scheme. I blame SoCraTes BE 2015 for that. (SoCraTes is a group of international unconferences...
20-12-2018 18:56:26 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Widespread Architectural Changes using IDEs
This is the second part of my list of tools to automate Widespread Architectural Changes. Now Widespread Architectural Change is a category ...
11-11-2018 16:24:27 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
What is Ethical Coding and how to get involved
Three years ago I started thinking about work with meaning. Since then I had great discussions with peer Software Professionals about our so...
06-11-2018 23:37:46 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
More on Architectural Refactoring
Last month I showed my categorisation of Architectural Refactoring to some friends in the Software Crafting community. Explaining my ideas a...
31-10-2018 10:46:39 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
NATstyle Custom Reports
This summer I wrote about NATstyle, a utility to define and check the coding standard in your NATURAL program. Now NATURAL is not a language...
19-10-2018 11:58:59 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing

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