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Categories of Architectural Refactoring
At the end of one of my refactoring workshops, we started discussing how to refactor larger structures, sometimes even changing the architec...
13-07-2018 12:55:57 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Using NATstyle from the commandline
Last year a new client contracted me to help them make their development process, their development environment and tooling "state of the ar...
03-07-2018 10:12:27 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
xUnit Testing Koans Reloaded
Koans are sequences of little exercises to help you "on your way to enlightenment". Testing Koans are similar exercises to help you learn un...
29-06-2018 17:11:56 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Complete Cofoja Setup Example
Design by Contract Have you heard of Design by Contract (short DbC)? If not, here is a good introduction from Eiffel. (In short, Design by C...
25-02-2018 13:56:50 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Compliance with Object Calisthenics
During my work as Code Cop I run many workshops. Sometimes I use constraints to make exercises more focused or more intense. Some constraint...
11-01-2018 11:41:09 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Interview Gabriel Grill
I have known Gabriel since a long time. We met at an early meetings of the Java User Group Vienna many years ago. I noticed him sharing cont...
28-12-2017 19:01:24 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
PMD Check and Report in same build
I am working together with senior developer and (coding) architect Elisabeth Bl melhuber to set up a full featured continuous delivery proce...
03-12-2017 23:03:02 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Interview Rea
The last Coderetreat was one of the rare Coderetreats that I was participating instead of organizing. I used the opportunity to pair with st...
29-11-2017 00:46:14 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Managing the Difficulty of Coding Exercises
There are different scenarios when we might want to change the difficulty of coding exercises. This depends on our skill and the topic we wa...
30-10-2017 21:52:22 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Introducing Code Smells into Code
Code Smells Code smells are hints that show you potential problems in your code. They are heuristics: Like in real life, if something smells...
15-10-2017 20:17:49 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing

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