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11 Years Prime Factors Kata
In this post I want to celebrate the Prime Factors Code Kata. Prime Factors is a small coding exercise first used by Robert C. Martin in 200...
20-03-2021 01:27:00 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Dice Namer Constraint
A constraint is an artificial challenge during an exercise to make the exercise more interesting, challenging or fun. I like constraints and...
17-02-2021 23:54:32 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Working with AI Surveillance
Since several years I am exploring ethics and meaning of my work as software engineer. While it is not a clear cut topic, it lies in the cor...
01-02-2021 22:21:47 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Flashcards Coupling and Cohesion
Low Coupling and High Cohesion are basic design principles in both functional programming and object orientation. What is coupling? Coupling...
09-09-2020 12:31:08 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
TDD a UI with Fast Tests
This is another part of my series of TDD-ing user interfaces. Earlier this year I looked at test driving classic, fat, state based UIs like ...
31-08-2020 00:19:39 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Interview Philipp Mayer
It has been more than a year since my last guest interview on ethics in Software Development, and I am very happy that Philipp Mayer found t...
24-07-2020 09:55:20 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Conway's Squasher Coroutine
Since some time I am researching coroutines. Wikipedia says that a coroutine is a computer program component that generalises subroutines, a...
21-06-2020 23:41:04 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
A New Dog
Last year our dog Ruby died. We took some time to cope with the loss and now is the time for a new dog. After we loved a Great Dane once, th...
12-06-2020 17:38:53 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Flashcards and Microlearning
I like learning in all its aspects. A large part of software work is hands-on, so I experiment a lot and work through old and new code katas...
04-06-2020 17:58:01 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing
Learning yet another Programming Language
In 2000 Andrew Hunt and David Thomas wrote their influential book The Pragmatic Programmer, which is listed as second single most influentia...
06-05-2020 12:03:02 Code Cop (Peter Kofler) Agile & Testing

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