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Role of AI in SEO Nowadays
Artificial Intelligence is all about specific tools and software that act like humans as per data input made by working professionals. In to...
30-04-2019 13:33:13 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How AI is transforming the Mobile App Development
Today, mobile applications are being developed for almost everything. Due to cut-throat competition among businesses across fields, mobile a...
09-04-2019 21:25:00 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to convert multi-page TIFF to PDF in Java
This tutorial provides a very efficient way to convert a multi-page TIFF to PDF using iText library. The below utility method accepts a mult...
29-03-2019 19:56:19 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to rollback deleted records after commit in Oracle
Do you think it's impossible to rollback your changes after you commit a Delete command? Well, it's possible. In version 11g, Oracle keeps s...
29-03-2019 13:00:30 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
Top 5 Software Certifications That Attract Employers
Let's be clear software certifications are not just a "nice to have". They are absolutely essential in catching the eye of employers and eve...
01-03-2019 13:19:29 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to install SSL certificate on multiple Tomcat nodes
This tutorial describes how to install a single SSL certificate on multiple Tomcat nodes. 1. Generate CSR The first thing you should do befo...
17-02-2019 21:40:12 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to remove the application name in Tomcat URL
In order to access a web application deployed on Tomcat, it is required by default to write the application name in the URL. However, gettin...
16-02-2019 19:55:15 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to deploy web applications on Tomcat
In this tutorial, we describe 2 ways for deploying Java web applications on Tomcat application server. 1. War file The typical way for deplo...
16-02-2019 13:50:41 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to solve Unrecognized field
Jackson library is used with most REST/JSON applications in order to dynamically convert JSON to POJO and POJO to JSON. This tutorial explai...
22-12-2018 12:44:43 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners
How to implement an auto reloadable XML using Apache VFS
XML is usually used to store light configuration that controls the business flow or the layout of an application, it's meant to be managed b...
19-12-2018 12:11:29 Programmer Gate (Programmer Gate) Beginners

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