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Doug Schaefer: Building a Custom Viewer for VS Code
I attended the online CheConf this week and was impressed by a few of the sessions. Now don't get me wrong, I still have reservations over t...
24-02-2018 05:57:02 planet eclipse Beginners
Donald Raab: Help Wanted!
Contribute to an open source project!Shhhh! I'm going to tell you a secret. It's something that for a few people might just change their sof...
23-02-2018 23:49:48 planet eclipse Beginners
EclipseCon France 2018: Is your JUG an EclipseCon France partner?
JUG partners are helping to spread the word about EclipseCon France. Find out more about the program on the JUG partner page. And, welcome o...
23-02-2018 17:40:11 planet eclipse Beginners
Melanie Bats: Modeling tools go up to the cloud
at Obeo, we have done the first steps to bring Sirius to the web. Today we are ready to work with you to bring your own modeling tool up to ...
22-02-2018 16:55:26 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: Eclipse Newsletter | Boot & Build Eclipse Projects
Featuring articles about Spring Tools, Gradle plugin (Buildship), Dirigible cloud platform, and EMF Parsley.
22-02-2018 10:43:20 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: Countdown: 2 weeks | Complete IoT Developer Survey
Take 10 minutes to complete the fourth annual IoT Developer survey!
20-02-2018 10:28:53 planet eclipse Beginners
InfoQ Eclipse feed: Presentation: Spring Tools 4 - Eclipse and Beyond
Martin Lippert and Kris De Volder introduce and demo a new generation of Spring tools including Spring Tool Suite for Eclipse (STS4), STS4 V...
17-02-2018 03:56:46 planet eclipse Beginners
Melanie Bats: CheConf18
A small post to announce that I will be speaking at CheConf18, a one day conference dedicated to Eclipse Che an extensible cloud development...
16-02-2018 18:01:21 planet eclipse Beginners
Chris Aniszczyk: Cloud Native and Serverless Landscape
For the last year or so, the CNCF has been exploring the intersection of cloud native and serverless through the CNCF Serverless WG: [NEWS] ...
16-02-2018 11:40:50 planet eclipse Beginners
JBoss Tools Team: JBoss Tools 4.5.3.AM1 for Eclipse Oxygen.2
Happy to announce 4.5.3.AM1 (Developer Milestone 1) build for Eclipse Oxygen.2. Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.5.3 AM1. What is New? F...
14-02-2018 00:48:19 planet eclipse Beginners

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