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Gorkem Ercan: A conference for Eclipse heads
Since, the first EclipseCon in 2004, that was held in Disneyland, Eclipse had a conference in US. I missed all the Disney music of 2004 and ...
06-12-2016 23:17:52 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: Schedule Announced for Devoxx US 2017
Schedule for DevoxxUS 2017 is now available! 200+ talks, Hackergarten, hands-on labs, quickies, BoFs & more!
06-12-2016 03:31:16 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: CFP Closes in 1 Week | Eclipse Converge
Discover the tracks, and submit your passion to Eclipse Converge 2017!
05-12-2016 21:25:03 planet eclipse Beginners
vert.x project: OAuth2 got easy
Oauth2 support exists in Eclipse Vert.x since version 3.2.0. The implementation follows the principles that rule the whole vert.x ecosystem:...
05-12-2016 15:19:16 planet eclipse Beginners
Scott Lewis: ECF 3.13.3 Available
ECF 3.13.3 is now available. 3.13.3 is a maintenance release, focused on fixes for ECF's implementation of OSGi Remote Services and Remote S...
05-12-2016 07:31:27 planet eclipse Beginners
itemis: Eclipse Xtext's new umbrella repository
On November 18th the Eclipse Xtext project added a new source repository eclipse/xtext-umbrella. This article describes the reasons for this...
02-12-2016 09:41:29 planet eclipse Beginners
Kichwa Coders: The Open Source Advent Calendar
It's that time of year again. But I don't really like chocolate. And there's only so many times you can do a Lego advent calendar. However, ...
01-12-2016 17:44:08 planet eclipse Beginners
Antoine Thomas: The Eclipse User Profile
Following a soft release in October 2016, including several features, the collection of user feedback, related testing and adding improvemen...
01-12-2016 11:38:07 planet eclipse Beginners
Sven Efftinge: TypeFox
As many of you already noticed, we had to find a company name without 'Xtext' in it. Longer story short, we finally decided for TypeFox (it ...
30-11-2016 09:58:14 planet eclipse Beginners
itemis: YAKINDU Statechart Tools 2.9 - New and noteworthy
The YAKINDU team is happy to announce the new YAKINDU Statechart Tools 2.9.0 release! Only 6 weeks after our last release we are proud to pr...
29-11-2016 16:52:19 planet eclipse Beginners

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