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Wayne Beaton: Eclipse Infrastructure Support for IP Due Due Diligence Type
The Eclipse Foundation's Intellectual Property (IP) Policy was recently updated and we're in the process of updating our processes and suppo...
16-01-2017 23:48:19 planet eclipse Beginners
Benjamin Cabe: Using MQTT-SN over BLE with the BBC micro:bit
The micro:bit is one of the best IoT prototyping platforms I've come across in the past few months. The main MCU is a Nordic nRF51822 with 1...
16-01-2017 12:40:06 planet eclipse Beginners
Scott Lewis: ECF 3.13.4 now available
ECF 3.13.4 is now available. This was a maintenance release, with bug fixes for the Eclipse tooling for OSGi Remote Services and an update o...
15-01-2017 20:13:12 planet eclipse Beginners
Wayne Beaton: What's Your (IP Due Diligence) Type?
Long-time Eclipse Committer, Ian Bull initiated a interesting short chat on Twitter yesterday about one big challenge when it comes to intel...
13-01-2017 20:23:46 planet eclipse Beginners
Tom Schindl: Making @Service annotation even cleverer
As some of you might know e(fx)clipse provides a Eclipse DI extension supporting more powerful feature when we deal with OSGi-Services: Supp...
12-01-2017 20:58:35 planet eclipse Beginners
JBoss Tools Team: JBoss Tools 4.4.3.AM1 for Eclipse Neon.2
Happy to announce 4.4.3.AM1 (Developer Milestone 1) build for Eclipse Neon.2. Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.4.3 AM1. What is New? Ful...
12-01-2017 00:03:29 planet eclipse Beginners
Jeremie Bresson: Use the Eclipse Java Development Tools in a Java SE application
Stephan Herrmann has announced that some libraries of the Eclipse Neon.2 release are now available on maven central. It is now easy to reuse...
11-01-2017 07:59:04 planet eclipse Beginners
PapyrusUML: First Papyrus IC Research/Academia webinar of 2017
If you've been following this blog, you already know that I have an Industry Consortium. And if you looked at the Papyrus Industry Consortiu...
10-01-2017 19:34:59 planet eclipse Beginners
Stephan Herrmann: Eclipse Neon.2 is on Maven Central
It's done, finally! Bidding farewell to my pet peeve In my job at GK Software I have the pleasure of developing technology based on Eclipse....
09-01-2017 23:57:12 planet eclipse Beginners
Maximilian and Jonas: JSON Forms - Day 2 - Introducing the UI Schema
JSON Forms is a framework to efficiently build form-based web UIs. These UIs are targeted at entering, modifying and viewing data and are us...
02-01-2017 16:24:06 planet eclipse Beginners

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