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JBoss Tools Team: RHAMT Eclipse Plugin 4.1.0.Final has been released!
Happy to announce version 4.1.0.Final of the Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) is now available. Getting Started Downloads avail...
18-07-2018 10:37:53 planet eclipse Beginners
JBoss Tools Team: JBoss Tools and Red Hat Developer Studio for Eclipse Photon
JBoss Tools 4.6.0 and Red Hat Developer Studio 12.0 for Eclipse Photon are here waiting for you. Check it out! Installation JBoss Developer ...
17-07-2018 12:15:18 planet eclipse Beginners
itemis: Xtext editors for binary files
What does "4 + 1" mean? Well, for example itemis employees have been developing a Java bytecode editor with Xtext. This editor allows the co...
13-07-2018 15:24:50 planet eclipse Beginners
vert.x project: Eclipse Vert.x 3.5.3
We have just released Vert.x 3.5.3, a bug fix release of Vert.x 3.5.x. Since the release of Vert.x 3.5.2, quite a few bugs have been reporte...
13-07-2018 08:10:10 planet eclipse Beginners
Tanja Obradovic: Jakarta EE, Eclipse MicroProfile and Cloud-Native at EclipseCon France
These are exciting times for the Java community! EclipseCon France (ECF) 2018, the first ECF since Oracle contributed Java EE to Eclipse Fou...
10-07-2018 08:48:15 planet eclipse Beginners
Niko Stotz: First Eclipse DemoCamp in Eindhoven: A Great Start and Even Greater Community
Yesterday, we held the first Eclipse DemoCamp ever in Eindhoven, at the Altran office. About 40 people from a dozen different companies join...
05-07-2018 17:59:35 planet eclipse Beginners
Scott Lewis: Rest Remote Services with Karaf and CXF/Jersey
ECF's Photon Release now includes an example of using Karaf with the JaxRS distribution provider. This distribution provider now fully suppo...
04-07-2018 05:48:23 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: Eclipse Foundation Annual Community Report
The Eclipse Foundation's 2018 Annual Community Report has been published, and is now available.
03-07-2018 23:45:12 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: Eclipse Newsletter | Eclipse Photon
Naturally, this issue of the newsletter features some of the things that are new in Eclipse Photon!
03-07-2018 17:42:08 planet eclipse Beginners
Doug Schaefer: Using CMake for the ESP32 with the Eclipse C/C++ IDE
The Photon release of the Eclipse C/C++ IDE now includes support for a number of different build systems. CMake is one of the most popular b...
03-07-2018 06:37:47 planet eclipse Beginners

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