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Scott Lewis: ECF Photon adds Gogo Commands
A third major enhancement for ECF's implementation of OSGi Remote Services is the addition of Apache Gogo console commands for examining the...
24-04-2018 09:02:39 planet eclipse Beginners
vert.x project: Eclipse Vert.x RabbitMQ client gets a new consumer API!
In Eclipse Vert.x 3.6.0 the RabbitMQ client will get a new consumer API. In this post we are going to show the improvements since the previo...
24-04-2018 02:56:23 planet eclipse Beginners
Donald Raab: EC by Example: FlatCollect
Learn how to flatten a collection of collections into a single collection using the flatCollect method in Eclipse Collections.Organize a col...
23-04-2018 20:05:31 planet eclipse Beginners
EclipseCon France 2018: Interview: Making EMF Intelligent with AI
Niranjan Babu's talk Making EMF Intelligent with AI was chosen as an early bird selection. Read this brief Q&A with Niranjan to find out mor...
23-04-2018 13:49:46 planet eclipse Beginners
InfoQ Eclipse feed: Eclipse Photon Nears Release
Eclipse Photon, the seventeenth annual release of the Eclipse Project, will be released in June, but we're keeping an eye on all the new and...
23-04-2018 07:41:26 planet eclipse Beginners
Obeo Team: What's Coming in Sirius 6.0?
The next major version of Sirius , version 6.0, will be released on June 27, 2018 as part of the Eclipse Photon Simultaneous Release, with a...
20-04-2018 16:15:30 planet eclipse Beginners
Nikhil Nanivadekar: India Java User Group Tour 2018
After 27+ hours of travel I just reached Pune, my home town. I am excited for my India Java User Group Tour 2018. I will be presenting on Ja...
20-04-2018 06:30:50 planet eclipse Beginners
Scott Lewis: ECF Photon supports Bndtools
A second major enhancement for ECF Photon is adding support for using Bndtools to develop and test OSGi Remote Services. Bndtools is increas...
20-04-2018 00:22:58 planet eclipse Beginners
EclipseCon France 2018: Who, what, when, where at EclipseCon France?
The schedule is now published, so you can work on your plan for the week! Thank you again for all the great submissions that make up this fa...
19-04-2018 09:24:07 planet eclipse Beginners
PapyrusUML: EclipseCon France 2018 - Sessions
The sessions lineup for EclipseCon France 2018 have been published! If you plan on attending, I have a couple of suggestions for you! First,...
18-04-2018 18:32:07 planet eclipse Beginners

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