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Eclipse Announcements: Capella Industry Consortium (IC) at PolarSys
Capella IC to host the Capella Ecosystem stakeholders in a vendor neutral way, organized by an open governance model.
20-06-2017 12:01:33 planet eclipse Beginners
Kichwa Coders: Getting Started with Jekyll (on Windows!)
This week Kichwa Coders' intern Jean Philippe found out the hard way that when it comes to building websites, having the right tools for the...
16-06-2017 13:47:57 planet eclipse Beginners
vert.x project: Preview of a guide for Java developers
I could not attend the last Eclipse Vert.x community face-to-face meeting last fall, but one item that was discussed is the need for guides ...
11-06-2017 20:14:26 planet eclipse Beginners sprotty - A Web-based Diagramming Framework
Development tools in the web are trending. With Theia, we have already started to build an IDE platform with web technologies that works for...
09-06-2017 11:56:22 planet eclipse Beginners
Fabio Zadrozny: LiClipse 4.0 released
LiClipse 4.0 is now available for download! This is the first release based on Eclipse Oxygen (built on 4.7 RC3). It's still not a final rel...
09-06-2017 05:49:48 planet eclipse Beginners
PapyrusUML: MDSD (and ME!) in Robotics
One of my minions (from Queens' University) pointed out an interesting document titled "Robotics 2020 Multi-Annual Roadmap." from Spark -The...
08-06-2017 23:42:04 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Announcements: Last Chance to Register for EclipseCon France 2017
Sign up for learning at EclipseCon France, June 21-22. XText, Capella, Science, Docker, LSP and much more!
08-06-2017 17:38:16 planet eclipse Beginners
Kichwa Coders: Untested Code is like Schrödinger's Cat - Dead or Alive?
If every line of untested code is like Schr dinger's cat - Potentially dead or alive - how important is it to 'open the box' properly and kn...
08-06-2017 11:32:03 planet eclipse Beginners
itemis: Improving Eclipse CDT Indexer Performance
Many of our customers have chosen Eclipse CDT as their tooling for developing C/C++ projects and they frequently complain about the poor run...
31-05-2017 19:08:53 planet eclipse Beginners
InfoQ Eclipse feed: Red Hat to Acquire Codenvy to Extend DevOps Tools Capability
Red Hat has announced the acquisition of Codenvy, an Agile and cloud-native tools provider. Financial terms of the deal are not being public...
31-05-2017 13:06:36 planet eclipse Beginners

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