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Karsten Thoms: Eclipse m2e: How to use a WORKSPACE Maven installation
Today a colleague of me asked me about the Maven Installations preference page in Eclipse. There is an entry WORKSPACE there, which is disab...
27-11-2019 11:04:09 planet eclipse Beginners
Eclipse Dirigible: Release 4.0
New version 4.0 released. Release of Type B Features Major change for API to v4 Destination API v4 with Managed Destination Provider Mail AP...
24-11-2019 18:16:40 planet eclipse Beginners
Christian Pontesegger: Jakarta Microprofile REST Client in Eclipse
Today we are going to implement a simple REST client for an Eclipse RCP application. Now with Jakarta @ Eclipse and all these nice Microprof...
23-11-2019 22:21:57 planet eclipse Beginners
Tanja Obradovic: Jakarta EE Community Update November 2019
Now that Jakarta EE 8 has been available for a couple of months, I want to share news about some of the great committee work that's been hap...
23-11-2019 15:22:17 planet eclipse Beginners
Christopher Guindon: Modernizing our GitHub Sync Toolset
I am happy to announce that my team is ready to deploy a new version of our GitHub Sync Toolset on November 26, 2019 from 10:00 to 11:00 am ...
23-11-2019 08:32:57 planet eclipse Beginners
Maximilian and Jonas: How to install/run/try Eclipse Che
In this article series we provide an overview of how to get started with Eclipse Che. In this first part, we...The post How to install/run/t...
22-11-2019 09:25:54 planet eclipse Beginners
Christopher Guindon: Show Your Support for Open Source IoT at the Eclipse Foundation
The Eclipse IoT working group is launching a campaign to identify the adopters of Eclipse IoT open source projects. Companies whether or not...
14-11-2019 19:11:26 planet eclipse Beginners
Wayne Beaton: Update to the Eclipse IP Policy
Sharon Corbett drafted this message that the IP Team has been posting on some of our CQs. I'd like to share it more broadly. The Eclipse Boa...
12-11-2019 18:47:56 planet eclipse Beginners
Red Hat Developers: New features in Red Hat CodeReady Studio 12.13.0.GA and JBoss Tools 4.13.0.Final for Eclipse 2019-09
JBoss Tools 4.13.0 and Red Hat CodeReady Studio 12.13 for Eclipse 2019-09 are here and waiting for you. In this article, I'll cover the high...
11-11-2019 09:40:04 planet eclipse Beginners
Ed Merks: Getting to the Source
As a Java developer using JDT, no doubt you are intimately familiar with Ctrl-Shift-T to launch the Open Type dialog. You might not even rea...
08-11-2019 11:19:53 planet eclipse Beginners

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