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Plumbr now monitors Python applications and APIs
Plumbr uses tracing to provide actionable insight into your application's performance. The traces begin in the end users' browsers (or at th...
06-05-2020 10:53:00 plumbr Advanced
Distributed tracing in practice
This post is following up our in-depth review of the distributed tracing concept. In this post we will look into how distributed tracing can...
03-03-2020 12:22:15 plumbr Advanced
Plumbr now supports application versioning
Whenever you release a new version of your application/API, you can let Plumbr know about it. As a result, Plumbr will be able to show
28-02-2020 09:32:45 plumbr Advanced
Distributed tracing for dummies
Tracing provides visibility into a system allowing the developers and operations to observe the application during runtime. Tracing becomes ...
20-02-2020 16:15:52 plumbr Advanced
Performance modelling in practice using tracing & system monitoring.
This post examines one of the less traditional use cases of a modern APM with end-to-end tracing capabilities. Recently one of the Plumbr cu...
17-02-2020 09:25:14 plumbr Advanced
Plumbr now supports alerts on throughput metric
From January 30, 2020 Plumbr users can configure alerts to trigger in situations when the throughput of the application monitored is either ...
30-01-2020 10:14:00 plumbr Advanced
Means to improve the signal quality for alerts.
In Plumbr we want to make sure our customers will stay on top of performance and availability aspects of the digital assets monitored by Plu...
06-01-2020 13:16:30 plumbr Advanced
Planning for a risky infrastructure upgrade? Learn how to mitigate the risks.
In this post I will share our lessons learned while conducting major infrastructure upgrades for production services. I will be using an exa...
17-12-2019 12:56:42 plumbr Advanced
Unified view to performance and availability now availabile
As of today, Plumbr offers a different and better view to the assets under monitoring. Whenever you open up an application or API monitored ...
12-12-2019 09:15:40 plumbr Advanced
OOMkillers in Docker are more complex than you thought
One of the customers using Plumbr APM was recently facing a peculiar issue in their production environment where one of the Docker container...
04-12-2019 13:50:29 plumbr Advanced

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