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Most popular Java application servers: 2017 edition
Statistics about the most commonly used Java application servers from 2013 to 2017. See how Tomcat, JBoss/WildFly, Weblogic, Jetty and Glass...
23-05-2017 12:36:59 plumbr Advanced
How to set meaningful goals towards performance and availability requirements
When it comes to setting goals to performance and availability of the software, the outcome is often a set of complex and incomplete measure...
16-05-2017 13:27:35 plumbr Advanced
Product Launch: Introducing Plumbr Browser Agent
We are happy to announce the general availability of our new product - Plumbr Browser Agent. With this addition, you can monitor how the end...
09-05-2017 09:46:19 plumbr Advanced
Java version and vendor data analyzed: 2017 edition
Publishing the statistics from 1,400 unique environments monitored by Plumbr during the March-April 2017. The data exposed shares informatio...
03-05-2017 09:25:38 plumbr Advanced
Plumbr raises venture capital, hires first senior executive
We have two important milestone announcements to share with you. We raised our first round of institutional venture capital funding from Kar...
11-04-2017 12:31:03 plumbr Advanced
Visualizing layered graphs using Sugiyama method
Almost every complex problem can and should be reduced to the underlying fundamental concepts. This post is an example where a graph visuali...
05-04-2017 14:41:15 plumbr Advanced
Discovering the systems your application is integrated with
Transparency to how the distributed applications behave in production is valuable insight. One of the aspects of this insight is to be able ...
29-03-2017 08:44:33 plumbr Advanced
Discover your application architecture with Plumbr
Adoption of the microservices has introduced several new problems to our field. One of such issues is the ever-growing and non-transparent c...
22-03-2017 09:18:47 plumbr Advanced
Going off-heap to improve latency and reduce AWS bill
Describing how going off-heap with the help of Chronicle Map helped us to get rid of the latency hiccups and cut our Amazon AWS bill in half...
16-02-2017 11:13:58 plumbr Advanced
Storing and querying trillions of events
It was just a decade ago when I was wrestling with queries accessing millions of entries in the storage. Fast forward to the current time an...
07-02-2017 09:25:03 plumbr Advanced

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