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Discovering the systems your application is integrated with
Transparency to how the distributed applications behave in production is valuable insight. One of the aspects of this insight is to be able ...
29-03-2017 08:44:33 plumbr Advanced
Discover your application architecture with Plumbr
Adoption of the microservices has introduced several new problems to our field. One of such issues is the ever-growing and non-transparent c...
22-03-2017 09:18:47 plumbr Advanced
Going off-heap to improve latency and reduce AWS bill
Describing how going off-heap with the help of Chronicle Map helped us to get rid of the latency hiccups and cut our Amazon AWS bill in half...
16-02-2017 11:13:58 plumbr Advanced
Storing and querying trillions of events
It was just a decade ago when I was wrestling with queries accessing millions of entries in the storage. Fast forward to the current time an...
07-02-2017 09:25:03 plumbr Advanced
Processing billions of events/day
Six months ago it became painfully obvious that the system architecture suitable for processing a hundred million events per day is not goin...
01-02-2017 11:41:54 plumbr Advanced
Time in distributed systems
Handling the concept of time in a distributed system is apparently a completely different from having to deal with just one system clock. Th...
06-12-2016 08:37:49 plumbr Advanced
Distributed tracing
Plumbr is able to trace user interactions across multiple nodes. In this post we describe how we built the solution enabling the distributed...
30-11-2016 13:36:40 plumbr Advanced
Staying on top of the JVM crashes
Wee have discovered, around one out of every 100 JVMs have crashed at least once during the six months when we have been capturing this data...
22-11-2016 10:40:21 plumbr Advanced
Announcing our biggest release so far
We are glad to announce the biggest improvement to our product offering so far. As of today, all our users have access to new Plumbr support...
17-11-2016 13:14:52 plumbr Advanced
Most popular relational databases – 2016 edition
This post analyzes the popularity of relational databases the Java Virtual Machines monitored by Plumbr are connecting to. We are publishing...
16-11-2016 15:24:06 plumbr Advanced

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