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Meaningful and Contextual Alerting for DevOps Teams
Paging an engineer is built on a foundation where - A page must be sent when there is a known/impending SLO violation A page sent
06-06-2019 11:06:05 plumbr Advanced
A day as an on-call DevOps engineer
It is morning. You are at your workplace and your on-call shift has just begun. The chat bot helpfully posts this information in the team
05-06-2019 17:41:29 plumbr Advanced
How big should your on-call DevOps engineering team be?
Pretty much every devops engineer has worked for a company that has, or has started to, set up an on-call engineer rotation. From a business...
04-06-2019 19:26:19 plumbr Advanced
Performance improvements with Plumbr
Deciding to work on web application performance is a decision about tomorrow. Web application performance is a living, breathing exercise th...
29-05-2019 18:58:48 plumbr Advanced
Early Awareness With Plumbr Alerting
We have listened and learned from our customers about the different needs for early awareness on availability and performance issues. As a r...
29-05-2019 12:26:46 plumbr Advanced
DevOps Postmortems: Why and how to use them?
To err is human. To make sure we learn from our errors and adapt requires discipline. In this post we are covering the motivation behind int...
28-05-2019 18:26:05 plumbr Advanced
Confessions Of A DevOps-aholic.
I just realized that I belong to the DevOps world too. Over the past 12 years, I've written software in several languages. I've also contrib...
27-05-2019 14:21:04 plumbr Advanced
How to read the revamped Plumbr reports
Creating a positive feedback loop is an important goal for Plumbr. Engineers make contributions to the codebase. This is deployed to product...
24-04-2019 11:19:49 plumbr Advanced
More about Spring Cache Performance
This is a follow up to our last post about Spring's cache abstraction. As engineers, you gain valuable experience by understanding the inter...
03-04-2019 10:23:19 plumbr Advanced
Balancing releases and quality in your applications.
The most successful software engineering teams maintain high performance and availability standards. They also have to release various new f...
28-03-2019 12:01:22 plumbr Advanced

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