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Means to improve the signal quality for alerts.
In Plumbr we want to make sure our customers will stay on top of performance and availability aspects of the digital assets monitored by Plu...
06-01-2020 13:16:30 plumbr Advanced
Planning for a risky infrastructure upgrade? Learn how to mitigate the risks.
In this post I will share our lessons learned while conducting major infrastructure upgrades for production services. I will be using an exa...
17-12-2019 12:56:42 plumbr Advanced
Unified view to performance and availability now availabile
As of today, Plumbr offers a different and better view to the assets under monitoring. Whenever you open up an application or API monitored ...
12-12-2019 09:15:40 plumbr Advanced
OOMkillers in Docker are more complex than you thought
One of the customers using Plumbr APM was recently facing a peculiar issue in their production environment where one of the Docker container...
04-12-2019 13:50:29 plumbr Advanced
Background TABs in browser load 20+ times slower
Recently we troubleshooted a performance issue, reported by one of the customers of Plumbr who was using our Real User Monitoring solution. ...
28-11-2019 09:11:21 plumbr Advanced
APM myths busted – #2 APM is only for root cause detection
This is the second post in the series where we bust myths surrounding the application performance monitoring domain. Last week we started th...
22-11-2019 09:29:46 plumbr Advanced
APM myths busted – #1 Adding monitoring will make my app faster
This is the first post in the series where I will be debunking many of the myths surrounding the application performance monitoring domain. ...
14-11-2019 15:13:22 plumbr Advanced
Announcement: PagerDuty-Plumbr Integration
Plumbr is a monitoring solution designed to be used to manage incidents that arise in complex IT environments. Using Plumbr, I&O leaders can...
17-10-2019 13:16:39 plumbr Advanced
Announcing The New Plumbr Dashboard
Announcing an update to the Plumbr product - the new and improved "Plumbr Dashboard". Most monitoring tools offer basic snapshots of the hea...
08-10-2019 21:07:57 plumbr Advanced
Alerting When Applications Are Slow
We have all had slow and frustrating experiences when interacting with applications! Whether they are websites that are slow to load or appl...
08-10-2019 14:45:16 plumbr Advanced

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