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PrimeFaces Atlantis
Atlantis is the brand new premium application template for PrimeFaces featuring highly customizable color schemes, various menu modes and a ...
06-12-2016 09:48:03 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 1.0.1 Released
PrimeNG 1.0.1 is now available feature the all-new Chips component, Checkbox selection mode for Tree and over 20 improvements. Chips Chips i...
02-12-2016 09:41:40 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.10 Released
PrimeFaces Team is excited to announce the 6.0.10 release featuring the new TableState API. TableState TableState allows DataTable to mainta...
01-12-2016 11:42:17 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.9 Released
PrimeFaces 6.0.9 has been released with 9 filed defect fixes; First row in datatable always highlighted since PF 6 NullPointer on datatables...
28-11-2016 14:10:00 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 1.0.0 Released
After 11 months of hard work and dedication, PrimeTek is excited to announce the 1.0.0 release of PrimeNG featuring over 70 high quality ope...
23-11-2016 10:03:57 primefaces Advanced

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC7 is now available with quality improvements suggested by the community. Defect Fixes Calendar,SplitButton are broken under ...
22-11-2016 10:37:42 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC6 Released
PrimeNG 1.0 final will be released on 23rd of November and RC6 is the last planned release candidate. New Features and Enhancements Compatib...
21-11-2016 12:47:35 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC5 Released
PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC5 is now available featuring 40+ improvements over RC4. New Features and Enhancements AutoComplete multiple option have no p...
17-11-2016 20:33:33 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.8 Released
PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new update featuring the all-new organigram component to display Organizational Charts. This comp...
17-11-2016 14:28:32 primefaces Advanced
Ultima Update
Ultima premium template is updated for PrimeFaces and PrimeNG versions. PrimeFaces Live Demo Top menu icon wraps on small devices Border top...
11-11-2016 16:27:53 primefaces Advanced

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