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PrimeFaces 6.1.RC1 Released
PrimeTek is pleased to announce the first release candidate of 6.1 after months of hard work and dedication. 6.1 features over 250 improveme...
27-02-2017 09:54:37 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.16 Released
PrimeFaces 6.0.16 is now available featuring the Virtual Scrolling for DataTable to deal with large datasets efficiently as data is loaded o...
24-02-2017 14:44:44 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 2.0.1 Released
PrimeTek is glad to announce the new release PrimeNG featuring Virtual Scrolling, Checkbox mode for TreeTable, new Captcha component, improv...
21-02-2017 10:12:59 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.15 Released
6.0.15 of PrimeFaces is now available with over 10 enhancements focusing on accessibility and performance. Enhancements Add datatipEditor fe...
15-02-2017 10:41:36 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces Morpheus
PrimeTek is excited to announce Morpheus, the brand new premium application template for PrimeFaces. 2 Menu Modes Menu is avialable in stati...
08-02-2017 09:48:08 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 2.0 Released with Poseidon
PrimeTek is pleased to announce the 2.0-Final release of PrimeNG, the most complete open source UI component suite for Angular along with th...
07-02-2017 13:07:28 primefaces Advanced
Ultima 2.0.1 Released for PrimeNG
2.0.1 is a maintenance release to improve the overall quality of Ultima with PrimeNG 2.0.RC3 and newer. Changelog Invisible menuitems still ...
02-02-2017 15:49:51 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 2.0.0-RC3 Released
Thank you all who tested the RC releases and give us constant feedback. RC3 is the last planned release before 2.0 final next week and it in...
02-02-2017 08:30:21 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 2.0.0-RC2 Released
Second release candidate of PrimeNG has been released with 10 enhancements for the reported issues over RC1; Enhance DataTable Scrolling Pus...
27-01-2017 12:39:59 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG Ultima Reloaded
Ultima 2.0 for PrimeNG is now available with full support for PrimeNG 2, major refactor of the layout structure, performance improvements an...
25-01-2017 21:12:07 primefaces Advanced

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