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PrimeFaces Verona
Verona is the all-new premium application template for PrimeFaces featuring 2 menu modes, 5 built-in themes, responsive layout along with a ...
16-01-2017 16:23:34 primefaces Advanced
New year, new project. PrimeTek is excited to announce a new Prime project for React called PrimeReact. PrimeReact is an upcoming UI compone...
05-01-2017 09:34:14 primefaces Advanced
Ultima 1.0.7 with RTL Support
Ultima 1.0.7 for PrimeFaces is now available with RTL support. Layout can be used in RTL orientation as well by adding "layout-rtl" to the "...
04-01-2017 13:57:46 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.13 Released
PrimeFaces 6.0.13 is now available as the last release of 2016 with 8 improvements. PrimeFaces Data Exporter causes stack trace with OmniFac...
30-12-2016 12:59:33 primefaces Advanced
Ultima NG 1.1 Released with CLI
Ultima 1.1.0 is now available with full support for PrimeNG 1.1.x and integration with CLI. Compatibility with PrimeNG 1.1 PrimeNG has switc...
26-12-2016 15:25:28 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 1.1.1 Released
PrimeNG 1.1.1 is mainly a maintenance update with over 30 improvements. New Features and Enhancements Expose toggleRow for DataTable Disable...
21-12-2016 14:25:58 primefaces Advanced
Atlantis 1.0.1 Released with RTL Support
Atlantis is updated to 1.0.1 to provide RTL support. RTL orientation is enabled by adding "layout-rtl" to the main wrapper div in template.x...
21-12-2016 08:17:02 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.12 Released
PrimeFaces 6.0.12 is now available featuring Expandable RowGroups feature. In addition, we've made the following updates; RadioButton genera...
19-12-2016 14:42:07 primefaces Advanced
PrimeNG 1.1 Released
PrimeTek is excited to announce the 1.1 release for PrimeNG featuring the all-new Bootstrap (4) theme, customizable datatable filters, advan...
15-12-2016 10:10:56 primefaces Advanced
PrimeFaces 6.0.11 Released
PrimeFaces 6.0.11 is now available with the row grouping feature. Row Grouping Rows can be grouped in two ways, using rowGroup component or ...
14-12-2016 13:15:12 primefaces Advanced

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