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The Difference Between URI, URL and URN
This small post briefly explains the difference between URI, URL and URN. Sometimes the first two terms are used interchangeably, and the la...
25-07-2018 15:49:38 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
How to Checkout a Specific Tag in Git
Here is a quick tip which shows how to checkout a specific tag in Git. $ git clone $ git checkout tags/ -b The first command clones the whol...
07-07-2017 15:57:38 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Clone a Git Repository Into a Specific Folder
Let's take a look at a sample git repository URL: It can be cloned via the following command: git clone The contents of the repository will ...
19-09-2016 17:56:22 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Change File Type in Vim
Recently I had to write a few lines of code in assembly language. Vim and GAS were chosen as suitable tools to use. I downloaded vim-gas plu...
19-09-2016 10:46:29 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Create Web Application with Maven (Tomcat, WAR File)
This post is a step-by-step tutorial which shows how to create a simple Java webapp project using Maven - a popular Java build tool. The pro...
27-05-2016 10:12:41 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
How to Avoid Null Checks in Java
I suppose every Java developer wrote checks similar to the following many times: if (obj != null) { // ... obj.doSomething(); // ... } Somet...
27-05-2016 03:06:19 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Rename a Local Branch in Git
From time to time I have typos crept in the names of Git branches I create. Certainly it is possible to delete a branch and create a new one...
26-05-2016 19:58:05 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Rename a Remote Branch in Git
In the previous post I described how to rename a local branch in Git. Now let's take a look how to rename a remote branch. The process is a ...
26-05-2016 12:52:48 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Change Editor for Git Commit Messages
Git is a very powerful tool especially when used from a console. Obviously committing changes is a pretty common task which includes editing...
26-05-2016 06:40:41 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Create a GUID in Java
Some software development tasks need a way to generate unique identifiers. I saw several homegrown solutions, but Java 5 makes the process a...
26-05-2016 00:36:27 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners

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