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How to Checkout a Specific Tag in Git
Here is a quick tip which shows how to checkout a specific tag in Git. $ git clone $ git checkout tags/ -b The first command clones the whol...
07-07-2017 15:57:38 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Clone a Git Repository Into a Specific Folder
Let's take a look at a sample git repository URL: It can be cloned via the following command: git clone The contents of the repository will ...
19-09-2016 17:56:22 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Change File Type in Vim
Recently I had to write a few lines of code in assembly language. Vim and GAS were chosen as suitable tools to use. I downloaded vim-gas plu...
19-09-2016 10:46:29 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Create Web Application with Maven (Tomcat, WAR File)
This post is a step-by-step tutorial which shows how to create a simple Java webapp project using Maven - a popular Java build tool. The pro...
27-05-2016 10:12:41 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
How to Avoid Null Checks in Java
I suppose every Java developer wrote checks similar to the following many times: if (obj != null) { // ... obj.doSomething(); // ... } Somet...
27-05-2016 03:06:19 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Rename a Local Branch in Git
From time to time I have typos crept in the names of Git branches I create. Certainly it is possible to delete a branch and create a new one...
26-05-2016 19:58:05 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Rename a Remote Branch in Git
In the previous post I described how to rename a local branch in Git. Now let's take a look how to rename a remote branch. The process is a ...
26-05-2016 12:52:48 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Change Editor for Git Commit Messages
Git is a very powerful tool especially when used from a console. Obviously committing changes is a pretty common task which includes editing...
26-05-2016 06:40:41 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Create a GUID in Java
Some software development tasks need a way to generate unique identifiers. I saw several homegrown solutions, but Java 5 makes the process a...
26-05-2016 00:36:27 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners
Convert InputStream to String in Java
Sometimes in Java world it is necessary to convert an InputStream to a String for further processing. There are several ways to do it, but h...
25-05-2016 18:20:02 Programmer's Blog (Andrii Polunin) Beginners

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