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Anemic Domain Model vs Rich Domain Model
When we write code, we try to hide as many details as possible - using appropriate access modifiers. Most often we use getters and setters m...
09-03-2021 09:07:01 Michal ( Advanced
Java Recruitment Questions - Immutable Objects
Java Recruitment Questions - Immutable Objects
14-03-2020 11:33:26 Michal ( Advanced
Java Recruitment Questions - hashCode() method explained in detail
Questions about hashCode() are asked on most interviews (from junior to senior level). In this post, you will find out what this method is, ...
14-03-2020 05:18:48 Michal ( Advanced
Kill the virus with a strategy pattern! Java Strategy Pattern with practical examples
Strategy Design Pattern in Java Todat I'll take you to my lab. I'll show you how to make your code cleaner. Any project can be created by mu...
13-03-2020 23:03:06 Michal ( Advanced

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