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The JHipster Mini-Book v4.0 Now Available for Download!
The JHipster Mini-Book v4.0 is now available as a free download from InfoQ. Get it while it's hot! You'll also be able to buy a print versio...
22-09-2017 16:48:15 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Rafting the Salmon River in Idaho
We are a rafting family. We solidified that when we bought a raft five years ago. Since then, we've had many adventures, on many rivers, and...
05-09-2017 19:22:17 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Happy Birthday Jack!
Thirteen years ago today, my son was born. Jack has grown up to be a wicked smart and fun kid to be around. He started the 7th grade this ye...
29-08-2017 01:07:37 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Driving, Rafting, Hiking, and Enjoying Life in Montana
I wanted to spend our summer vacation driving our VWs up the California coast, on a mammoth 3500-mile road trip over two weeks. However, whe...
07-08-2017 05:44:21 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Devoxx Poland: A Huge Conference in a Beautiful City
It's been a little over six years since I first ventured to Krak w, Poland. I have fond memories of that trip, mostly because Trish was with...
27-06-2017 17:40:56 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Speaking Adventures at J-Spring, Devoxx UK, GeeCON, and Spring I/O
As a Developer Advocate at Okta, I'm expected to travel up to 25% per month to speak at conferences and meetups. This May was more like 50%!...
24-05-2017 18:53:20 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Farewell to the 2016-17 Ski Season
The 2016-17 Ski Season was a fun one for the Raible Family. Abbie and Jack are good enough that they can zoom down the mountain without look...
23-05-2017 18:36:13 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Angular and Cloud Native PWAs at Devoxx France
Devoxx France is one of my favorite conferences. As you might know from my post about Jfokus, I thrive on a sense of community and the memor...
10-04-2017 20:31:15 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Let the Okta and Devoxx Journeys Begin!
It's been almost a month since Stormpath joined forces with Okta. My first day at Okta was on February 27, and I was only briefly in the San...
16-03-2017 19:15:41 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
A Jolly Good Time at Jfokus 2017
I like speaking at conferences. I don't enjoy the stress of creating a new talk and delivering it for the first time, but I do enjoy deliver...
17-02-2017 01:38:29 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced

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