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Celebrating Love in the Philippines
About a year ago, our friends Aris and Jen mentioned they were going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in the Philippines. Trish a...
18-01-2023 21:26:48 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Questions about JHipster, JHipster Lite, and Spring Boot 3
I'm a big fan of LinkedIn. I'm biased because I worked there from 2007-8, have alumni privileges like a free pro account, and learned how to...
14-12-2022 16:21:35 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Happy Birthday, Abbie!
Our awesome daughter, Abbie, turns 20 today! She's a sophomore at the University of Colorado in Boulder and lives in her sorority house this...
05-11-2022 17:31:40 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Happy Birthday, Jack!
Our youngest child turned 18 today. He's embarked on his senior year of high school and has a good group of friends he likes to hang out wit...
29-08-2022 09:02:11 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
20 Years of blogging!
This blog was started on August 1, 2002 20 years ago yesterday! It's amazing to look back at my first month of blogging and see how many tim...
03-08-2022 00:20:27 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Summer 2022: Family Adventures in Alaska, Montana, and Colorado
For the third year in a row, I took a long summer vacation thanks to Okta's unlimited vacation policy. In 24 hours, I'll be starting my summ...
02-08-2022 16:25:21 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Farewell to the 2021-2022 Ski Season
I had a lot of fun this ski season, but I didn't make it to the mountains as much as I thought I would. I bought both the Epic and Ikon pass...
24-05-2022 20:25:12 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
How to Renew Your Passport Quickly (aka The Cayman Islands Spring Break That Almost Wasn't)
tl;dr Call your member of Congress or Senator if you need help getting a passport appointment. When we renewed our kids' passports in Octobe...
05-04-2022 20:18:15 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
The Angular Mini-Book 2.0 is now available!
I'm pumped to announce that the Angular Mini-Book 2.0 has been released! You can download it in PDF and EPUB formats from InfoQ. About this ...
18-02-2022 16:57:03 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
2021 - A Year in Review
I didn't expect to travel much in 2021, mostly because of my promise to myself to take a year off. When I got fully-vaxxed in April, I expec...
03-01-2022 07:27:33 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced

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