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SpringOne, The Rich Web Experience, and Being Home for the Holidays
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hitting two excellent conferences in one week: SpringOne and The Rich Web Experience. The primary rea...
22-12-2017 22:18:53 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
A Stressful, but Rewarding, Trip to Devoxx Belgium and Morocco
One of my favorite conferences in the world is Devoxx Belgium. First of all, it tends to have one of the most enthusiastic audiences I've ev...
27-11-2017 17:28:00 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Life as an Open Source Developer, One Year Later
It's been a little over a year since I wrote about life as an open source developer. I'm happy to say I still haven't written a single line ...
06-11-2017 16:57:03 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Happy Birthday Abbie!
Abbie turned 15 today. About a month ago, she said she didn't want a birthday party, so we decided we'd surprise her with one. Her mom did m...
06-11-2017 08:19:24 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Goodbye, Sir Jake
Jake was a border collie that came into my life when I met Trish. In fact, I met him on our first date. After dinner, Trish and I wandered b...
06-11-2017 02:17:15 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
The JHipster Mini-Book v4.0 Now Available for Download!
The JHipster Mini-Book v4.0 is now available as a free download from InfoQ. Get it while it's hot! You'll also be able to buy a print versio...
22-09-2017 16:48:15 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Rafting the Salmon River in Idaho
We are a rafting family. We solidified that when we bought a raft five years ago. Since then, we've had many adventures, on many rivers, and...
05-09-2017 19:22:17 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Happy Birthday Jack!
Thirteen years ago today, my son was born. Jack has grown up to be a wicked smart and fun kid to be around. He started the 7th grade this ye...
29-08-2017 01:07:37 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Driving, Rafting, Hiking, and Enjoying Life in Montana
I wanted to spend our summer vacation driving our VWs up the California coast, on a mammoth 3500-mile road trip over two weeks. However, whe...
07-08-2017 05:44:21 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced
Devoxx Poland: A Huge Conference in a Beautiful City
It's been a little over six years since I first ventured to Krak w, Poland. I have fond memories of that trip, mostly because Trish was with...
27-06-2017 17:40:56 raible designs (Matt Raible) Advanced

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