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Introducing JRebel 2018.1.0 - featuring Java 10 and Spring Boot 2
Since the release of JRebel 7.1.0 six months ago, JRebel has become part the robust suite of Java solutions at Rogue Wave Software. To celeb...
04-04-2018 09:22:00 rebel labs Advanced
Announcing XRebel APM 2018
Bring Java performance testing back to development and QA with XRebel APM 2018 The post Announcing XRebel APM 2018 appeared first on zerotur...
21-03-2018 11:36:34 rebel labs Advanced
Fast track Java app development with JRebel
Learn how enterprises can expedite Java application development by skipping the time-consuming build and redeploy steps - for a healthy ROI....
20-03-2018 12:14:42 rebel labs Advanced
Simon Maple on Java: Modules to microservices
Simon's thoughts on current topics in Java development, focusing on enterprise development teams The post Simon Maple on Java: Modules to mi...
03-03-2018 10:53:27 rebel labs Advanced
License Server 3.5.0 – introducing team leads
We are happy to announce the release of License Server 3.5.0. This is the largest update the License Server has received recently. Introduci...
02-03-2018 11:16:01 rebel labs Advanced
Farewell, JRebel for Android
Hi, I'm Sten the Product Manager of JRebel for Android. As a team, we've made the decision to halt active development on JRebel for Android....
23-01-2018 15:06:23 rebel labs Advanced
A primer on Rogue Wave + ZeroTurnaround
With ZeroTurnaround now a part of the Rogue Wave family, what does this mean for the future of Java development? The post A primer on Rogue ...
09-01-2018 11:48:45 rebel labs Advanced
Performance testing automation with XRebel Hub REST API
Last week we released the XRebel Hub public API. It can be used to automate your performance testing. This article guides you through settin...
06-01-2018 11:35:02 rebel labs Advanced
Truffle served in a Holy Graal: Graal and Truffle for polyglot language interpretation on the JVM
One of the most fascinating additions to Java 9 is the JVMCI: Java-Level JVM Compiler Interface, a Java based compiler interface which allow...
05-12-2017 17:11:42 rebel labs Advanced
Speed Up MicroService Development with JRebel and Payara Micro
Just recently, I have had to admit being wrong. Very wrong. Way back at the start of October, I was feeling the familiar sensation of panic ...
04-12-2017 16:41:00 rebel labs Advanced

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