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Are you ready to unleash your inner geek?
We're not far away from GeekOut EE 2017 and I'm really excited that we're going to have *another* amazing conference, packed with geeks, ama...
21-03-2017 15:58:16 rebel labs Advanced
Effective performance management with the performance pipeline
In this whitepaper, we describe the performance pipeline, a concept of mapping performance related work and activities towards the stages of...
10-03-2017 11:14:27 rebel labs Advanced
Java regular expressions cheat sheet
With this post, we continue the series of one-page cheat sheet for Java developers. This time we'll look at everyone's favourite topic, regu...
08-03-2017 17:32:26 rebel labs Advanced
Using Vert.x to Connect the Browser to a Message Queue
Like many of my peers, my experience has been rooted in traditional Java web applications, leveraging Java EE or Spring stacks running in a ...
06-03-2017 15:17:13 rebel labs Advanced
Java Web Frameworks Index by RebelLabs
We've gathered the data at the following services: StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Github, and Google search, and unified it through a simple, but ...
16-02-2017 13:39:42 rebel labs Advanced
Solution to the smallest Java class file challenge
Last week we published a short Java challenge that required you to make javac generate the smallest Java class possible. It got a pretty goo...
09-02-2017 11:06:36 rebel labs Advanced
The smallest Java class possible
Today, however, I'd like to pose you a code-golf like challenge: What's the smallest Java class you can generate using javac (any vendor, an...
01-02-2017 16:35:38 rebel labs Advanced
Best JavaFX libraries for beautiful apps and clean code
In this post, I'll list the libraries which we learned about in the latest Virtual JUG session: The JavaFX Ecosystem by Andres Almiray. Andr...
23-01-2017 14:17:21 rebel labs Advanced
Android Libraries that can clean up your code (with examples)!
Android development is fun; there's no doubt about it! But there is also a lot of repetitive boilerplate code that the platform forces us to...
06-01-2017 16:20:53 rebel labs Advanced
Extremely fast builds with Gradle by Cedric Champeau
RebelLabs is the media partner for the Virtual JUG, the online Java User Group which brings you the best sessions by world class speakers. T...
28-12-2016 14:21:07 rebel labs Advanced

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