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Google vs. Oracle Supreme Court Ruling: Overview and Potential Impact
In this blog, our experts discuss the recent decision from the Supreme Court regarding Google vs. Oracle, and the potential impact it will h...
13-04-2021 00:16:23 rebel labs Advanced
New Features in JRebel 2021.2.0 and XRebel 2021.2.0
JRebel 2021.2.0 and XRebel 2021.2.0 are here, featuring support for Java 16 and a built-in time savings calculator. See what other improveme...
12-04-2021 17:19:44 rebel labs Advanced
What Is JRebel?
Skip redeploys and speed up Java development with JRebel by Perforce. See how JRebel integrates with almost every Java tool and discover why...
29-03-2021 19:16:49 rebel labs Advanced
2021 Java Technology Report
Join us as we dive into the top Java technologies of 2021. Our survey of nearly 900 developers gave insight into the most-used Java framewor...
12-03-2021 22:22:43 rebel labs Advanced
2021 Microservices Developer Report
Join us as we dive into insights on microservices growth and challenges. We surveyed over 850 Java developers to learn more about their expe...
02-03-2021 03:12:26 rebel labs Advanced
Java Basics: What Is Helidon?
What is Helidon? In this blog, we dive into what Helidon is, how it works, and what Helidon SE and Helidon MP are.
01-03-2021 20:35:21 rebel labs Advanced
Java 16 Features and Previews
In anticipation of the Java 16 release in March, we've compiled a list of previews and features you can expect to see with the new release.
01-03-2021 13:55:53 rebel labs Advanced
Exploring JUnit 5
Learn about JUnit 5, the most current version of the JUnit testing framework used for unit testing of Java projects.
06-02-2021 22:44:55 rebel labs Advanced
What Is Eclipse MicroProfile?
Learn more about Microprofile, an Eclipse project that provides a collection of specifications designed to help developers build cloud-nativ...
06-02-2021 15:51:52 rebel labs Advanced
New Features in JRebel 2021.1.0 and XRebel 2021.1.0
Meet JRebel 2021.1.0 and XRebel 2021.1.0 both of which add increased support, bug fixes, and usability improvements.
06-02-2021 09:03:54 rebel labs Advanced

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