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Truffle served in a Holy Graal: Graal and Truffle for polyglot language interpretation on the JVM
One of the most fascinating additions to Java 9 is the JVMCI: Java-Level JVM Compiler Interface, a Java based compiler interface which allow...
05-12-2017 17:11:42 rebel labs Advanced
Speed Up MicroService Development with JRebel and Payara Micro
Just recently, I have had to admit being wrong. Very wrong. Way back at the start of October, I was feeling the familiar sensation of panic ...
04-12-2017 16:41:00 rebel labs Advanced
Java 9 modules cheat sheet
So, let's look at the Java Platform Module system, or Java 9 modules. While we're eagerly waiting for the Java 10 release in March 2018, som...
01-12-2017 17:40:30 rebel labs Advanced
Hot code swap in Android development with new version: JRebel for Android 2.5
Another version, another milestone. The last update post was back in April about JRebel for Android 2.2. In this post you'll get the highlig...
10-11-2017 11:04:48 rebel labs Advanced
4 top reasons you should try free version of JRebel for Android
JRebel for Android instantly pushes your code and resources changes to your running Android app during development. It's like Instant Run wi...
06-11-2017 14:35:36 rebel labs Advanced
JavaOne is back at Moscone. Me gusta!
JavaOne is the major conference on the Java technologies scene, held annually in San Francisco. The first time I attended JavaOne was in 200...
01-10-2017 15:43:38 rebel labs Advanced
JRebel 7.1.0 keeping up with Java 9 innovation
The post JRebel 7.1.0 keeping up with Java 9 innovation appeared first on
29-09-2017 19:31:03 rebel labs Advanced
Using buildSrc for custom logic in Gradle builds
If somebody asked about the Gradle feature that everybody should know about, I would probably point them towards buildSrc. It is a magic Gra...
29-09-2017 13:15:51 rebel labs Advanced
RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017 raw data
RebelLabs Developer Productivity reports are analytical reports based on online surveys of Java developers. Over the last 6 years, we report...
26-09-2017 00:50:58 rebel labs Advanced
RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017: Why do you use the Java tools you use?
Welcome to the Java Tools and Technologies Landscape Report 2017! This is an analytical report, based on an online survey of the Java commun...
25-09-2017 18:31:25 rebel labs Advanced

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