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Java Generics cheat sheet
This post continues our series of one-page printable cheat sheets about Java and related technologies that we've been producing for almost a...
02-12-2016 13:25:23 rebel labs Advanced
Logging or Debugging? Have both with XRebel 3.2.0
Every webapp in development holds a great supply of surprises for the developer. When something is behaving unexpectedly, there are two ways...
01-12-2016 14:06:39 rebel labs Advanced
JRebel 7 – new agent, fewer redeploys
Two years have passed since the release of JRebel 6. Throughout this time, two JRebel agents have been available in parallel (JRebel Agent a...
16-11-2016 14:11:33 rebel labs Advanced
Automated performance regression testing
What do buying a fire extinguisher and not smoking inside the house have in common? Both are aimed at mitigating the effects from a potentia...
10-11-2016 22:19:09 rebel labs Advanced
Spring Framework Annotations cheat sheet
This post continues with the series of the cheat sheets that we've been producing all year. And this time it's all about Spring Framework an...
27-10-2016 12:12:10 rebel labs Advanced
XRebel 3.1.4 Comes with Couchbase Integration!
We believe Couchbase is one of the most popular and widely adopted NoSQL data storages. People use Couchbase for different scenarios: As a c...
19-10-2016 15:56:47 rebel labs Advanced
JRebel for Android 2.0!
Today, I'm excited to announce a significant milestone in the development of JRebel for Android. JRebel for Android has reached the 2.0 stat...
13-10-2016 13:07:42 rebel labs Advanced
Spring vs. Java EE, what is more popular?
A couple of months ago, we released our annual Developer Productivity Report, where we looked at the results of asking Java developers about...
12-10-2016 13:45:31 rebel labs Advanced
The Developer's Guide to Java Performance Tuning
Good developers care about performance. However, even the best developers don't realize that performance tools are not a one-size-fits-all t...
29-09-2016 21:04:14 rebel labs Advanced
Java 8 Puzzlers: The Strange, the Bizarre, and the Wonderful with Baruch Sadogursky and Viktor Gamov
RebelLabs is the media partner for the Virtual JUG, the online Java User Group which brings you the best sessions by world class speakers. T...
14-09-2016 20:29:28 rebel labs Advanced

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