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New ZTLive Webinar: What's New for Devs in JDK 9
Well it's really happening. JDK 9 that is -- currently due for general availability on September 21st 2017. As we get closer to the release ...
14-07-2017 09:44:41 rebel labs Advanced
TestContainers: making Java integration tests easy
In this post I want to share a word about an awesome library for integration testing in Java -- TestContainers. We'll provide a little backg...
13-07-2017 15:08:09 rebel labs Advanced
Performance metrics that are not lying to you
Common statistical metrics are not applicable in performance testing. Incorrect metrics may cause you to ignore real problems and to optimiz...
10-07-2017 14:34:13 rebel labs Advanced
The best Java 9 Language and API improvements
In this post, I don't want to spend time on discussing the module system in detail, but instead, I want to talk about what every Java develo...
27-06-2017 14:03:05 rebel labs Advanced
Developer Productivity Survey 2017: Why do you use the tools you use?
We're excited to launch the survey for the RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017. We've done a bunch of survey fuelled reports in the...
31-05-2017 11:57:34 rebel labs Advanced
Webinar recording: Reactive Spring
The recording of our April 18 webinar, Reactive Spring, is now available! In this webinar, S bastien Deleuze goes over the concept of Reacti...
11-05-2017 16:16:18 rebel labs Advanced
Maven cheat sheet
With this post, we continue the series of one-page cheat sheet for Java developers. This time we'll look at Maven, the most popular Java bui...
19-04-2017 14:28:34 rebel labs Advanced
ZeroTurnaround breaks new ground with JRebel for Android
Tallinn, Estonia and Boston, Massachusetts, April 4th, 2017, ZeroTurnaround, creators of Java development tools, JRebel and XRebel, announce...
04-04-2017 18:06:56 rebel labs Advanced
Introducing JRebel for Android Enterprise and a few more things…
Exciting times at ZeroTurnaround! Thanks to interest in and adoption of our newest product, JRebel for Android, we have made some good progr...
04-04-2017 09:40:34 rebel labs Advanced
XRebel Redesigned to Scientifically Make You Smarter
We're happy to announce XRebel design improvements that make users neuroscientifically smarter! It's common knowledge that learning is multi...
01-04-2017 14:59:20 rebel labs Advanced

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