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JRebel for JDeveloper now eliminates redeploys on remote servers and VMs
JRebel for JDeveloper now eliminates redeploys for Java developers using virtual machines, remote servers, and PaaS. The post JRebel for JDe...
21-02-2019 16:20:23 rebel labs Advanced
What do the experts think about Java in 2019?
2019 promises to be an exciting year in Java, with changes taking effect in licensing models, the emergence of new technologies and more. We...
25-01-2019 12:08:42 rebel labs Advanced
How to ensure quality and performance in your release management
Rogue Wave helps DevOps succeed by improving software quality and security through simplifying development and catching performance issues e...
07-01-2019 15:08:45 rebel labs Advanced
How to bring performance management closer to the (development) team
Discover different tools and process options for how to effectively address performance management. The post How to bring performance manage...
08-11-2018 10:52:36 rebel labs Advanced
MythBusters: Five scenarios where JRebel helps developers create more, higher-quality Java code
Our latest eBook walks you through five popular use cases for Java developers and demonstrates how JRebel can work in those environments to ...
07-11-2018 10:56:47 rebel labs Advanced
Newest release of JRebel accelerates SAP Hybris development
The newest release of JRebel enables SAP Hybris users to fast-track application development, saving time with each code change. The post New...
03-10-2018 13:44:57 rebel labs Advanced
The wrong (and right) reasons to move to microservices
Microservices offer a number of advantages over their monolithic counterparts, but there are right and wrong reasons to make the move. The p...
28-09-2018 14:43:48 rebel labs Advanced
How QRebel fits into DevOps
The importance of fitting application performance management into your DevOps workflows and how QRebel helps. The post How QRebel fits into ...
24-08-2018 16:30:24 rebel labs Advanced
Top 3 reasons to use JRebel and XRebel APM
Here are three development challenges that I run into the most - and the solutions we've offered up to real customers to help them do better...
22-06-2018 15:14:23 rebel labs Advanced
Java 10 and beyond – a look at the potential language change
As mentioned in our recent webinar, the release cadence of Java has increased with Java 10. A new major version of Java is now released twic...
11-05-2018 13:42:27 rebel labs Advanced

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