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2023 Java Developer Productivity Report Highlights
See the latest tools, trends, and technologies shaping the Java community in our top highlights from the JRebel 2023 Java Developer Producti...
28-03-2023 22:38:16 rebel labs Advanced
Scripting With Groovy in Java Applications
In this post, we present the case for scripting Groovy in Java and detail how to embed and configure a Groovy script. Read to learn more.
03-01-2023 19:23:11 rebel labs Advanced
A Look at New Features in Spring Framework 6
Spring Framework, one of the most commonly used Java frameworks, released a GA version in November of 2022. Read on to see what new features...
27-12-2022 22:31:12 rebel labs Advanced
Java Basics: What Is Visual Studio Code?
Microsoft Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular IDEs. Learn more about its capabilities and advantages.
21-11-2022 18:46:02 rebel labs Advanced
Introducing Java 19 Features
Java 19 is now available! See preview and incubator features as well as deprecations and removals.
22-09-2022 02:25:33 rebel labs Advanced
Calculating ROI With JRebel 2022.3.0
This summer JRebel has released its latest version: 2022.3.0. In addition to integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Code and smaller bug f...
18-07-2022 19:04:11 rebel labs Advanced
Using Java Streams in Java 8 and Beyond
Using streams in Java 8 or higher? Here's what you need to know about when to use streams and how to avoid concurrency errors. Also covered?...
10-06-2022 18:00:59 rebel labs Advanced
Understanding Project Loom Concurrency Models
Project Loom, which is under active development, has the goal of making it easier to write, debug, and maintain concurrent Java applications...
13-05-2022 18:23:51 rebel labs Advanced
Java 18 New Features
Java 18 is now available! Get an overview of Java 18 features, improvements, and deprecations from our expert in this blog. Learn more on JD...
12-04-2022 16:42:50 rebel labs Advanced
2022 Java Architecture Trends
In this blog, we present the top Java architecture trends of 2022 as told by our 2022 Java Developer Productivity survey results.
02-04-2022 08:27:14 rebel labs Advanced

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