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Eclipse to host only TCK compliant Java SE implementations
This is a story that's concerning from FOSS point of view; it outlines how an open source foundation can become the means by which for-profi...[comments]
27-01-2021 03:13:03 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Reddit
What ergonomic language features are you dying to have in Java?
For me its string interpolation, named parameters and a 'val' keyword what about you guys?[comments]
23-01-2021 10:55:46 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Reddit
Java is more enjoyable than I first thought
I started my years off programming in c#, don't ask why but I never ventured off. I learned Java this past week and I'm seriously impressed,...[comments]
22-01-2021 14:43:59 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Reddit
Is it me, or HackerRank is terrible?
Hello there! So, I was trying to register on 6nomads, and in order to do so, I need to finish test on HackerRank. HackerRank gives me a simp...[comments]
21-01-2021 19:54:58 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Reddit
Cost licence Oracle Java
My team is using an application through the Java Web Start so I need to buy the licenses for Java 8 as the company wants to run a supported ...[comments]
19-01-2021 06:57:39 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Reddit

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