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Enterprise Groovy, statically compile all the Groovy things!
The biggest complaints, that I see about Groovy are that it's a dynamic programming language, even though it's had static compilation since ...[comments]
17-03-2019 12:36:14 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced
Selenium and JUnit 5
The open source project [Selenium-Jupiter]() allows to execute Selenium (WebDriver, Grid) and Appium from JUnit 5 tests. Moreover, Selenium-...[comments]
14-03-2019 19:53:02 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced
Am I the only one that feels pain when they see code like python without brackets?
It just hurts to see them so unorganized. I've been coding I. Java for about two years know, and I was talking to a friend who codes in pyth...[comments]
13-03-2019 23:31:30 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced

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