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Manage the unknown
In consulting, as in many other fields, it is crucial to be able to manage the Unknown: starting a new project often means diving into a new...
16-03-2015 22:11:04 refactoringideas Beginners
What should influence your decisions
To make a decision you typically need to implement an analytic process based on facts to see clearly the problem and individuate the most ra...
06-10-2014 16:58:01 refactoringideas Beginners
5 Tips to make good decisions
“Decision Maker” is one of the most requested skills for great responsibility roles, and it is clearly not just about making decision, but a...
12-09-2014 05:33:27 refactoringideas Beginners
The power of a good presentation
Exposing your idea supported by a presentation can be considered a form of art. It implies a creation and an exposition moment; like for any...
01-07-2014 15:37:48 refactoringideas Beginners

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