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Farewell to Oracle
"I will have the moral courage to make my actions consistent with my knowledge of right and wrong." - Job, 27:5 I am leaving Oracle behind o...
03-03-2016 21:55:25 reza rahman Advanced
ConFoo 2016 Trip Report
ConFoo 2016 took place 24-26 February in Montreal, Canada. To my knowledge it is the largest developer conference north of the border. The c...
28-02-2016 22:32:25 reza rahman Advanced
Java EE 7 in Production at Gam Electronics
One of the most important things to do at this stage of the life-cycle of Java EE is highlight successful adoption stories at a regular cade...
20-02-2016 01:12:04 reza rahman Advanced
DevNexus 2016 Trip Report
DevNexus 2016 was held in historic Atlanta on February 15-17. For those of you not familiar with it, DevNexus is the most significant Java c...
18-02-2016 20:41:16 reza rahman Advanced
Oredev Trip Report
Oredev 2015 was held on 3-6 November in Malmo Sweden. This was my third time at the largest IT conference in the Scania region - I had been ...
27-01-2016 03:41:54 reza rahman Advanced
Java2Days Trip Report
Java2Days 2015 was held on November 2-4 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is far and away the largest Java conference in the Balkans region and now per...
15-01-2016 02:09:25 reza rahman Advanced
Java Day Mexico Trip Report
Java Day Mexico 2015 was held on August 29 in historic Guadalajara. I was truly honored to be invited to speak here and this is a very fitti...
05-01-2016 17:34:30 reza rahman Advanced
UberConf 2015 Trip Report
UberConf 2015 was held July 21-24 in Denver, Colorado. UberConf has grown to become one of the most significant US developer conferences - o...
23-12-2015 16:27:59 reza rahman Advanced
JavaOne 2015 - Another Year, Another Step Forward
JavaOne 2015 San Francisco was held October 25-29. I am proud to say this is my ninth JavaOne as an attendee, my seventh one as a speaker, m...
21-12-2015 16:32:25 reza rahman Advanced
Devoxx Poland 2015 Trip Report
Devoxx Poland was held on June 22-25 in historic Krakow. This was strictly technically speaking the first ever Devoxx Poland but in reality ...
06-09-2015 16:58:28 reza rahman Advanced

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