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Java SE 8 and 9 at the Philly JUG
The Philly JUG continues to march forward under new leadership and I was honored to deliver the September talk(s!?) myself. As ironic as it ...
02-01-2017 23:37:22 reza rahman Advanced
Java EE @ App Dev Trends
The App Dev Trends conference was held December 4-9 in Orlando, Florida. Focused on practical enterprise development, it is a brand new part...
01-01-2017 02:02:37 reza rahman Advanced
Java EE @ Oredev
Oredev was held 7-11 November in Malmo, Sweden. Although modest in size Oredev takes pride in making an effort to bring together the best an...
29-12-2016 22:10:18 reza rahman Advanced
Java EE @ Java Day Kiev
Java Day Kiev took place 14-15 October. Led by the Ukrainian JUG, it is one of the most significant developer events in Ukraine. The event a...
28-12-2016 19:09:01 reza rahman Advanced
Last Call and Some Results for DZone Joint Community Survey on Java EE 8
The joint community survey on Java EE 8 by the Java EE Guardians and DZone ends September 7. If you haven't done so already, I strongly sugg...
01-09-2016 07:38:16 reza rahman Advanced
Java EE Adoption Story from Pavel Pscheidl
One of the most important things to do at this stage of the life-cycle of Java EE is highlight successful adoption stories at a regular cade...
02-08-2016 05:11:46 reza rahman Advanced
WebSphere V9 "Traditional" Now Java EE 7 Certified
WebSphere V9 "traditional" has recently been fully Java EE 7 certified. In case you are wondering, this is indeed the much maligned "kitchen...
07-07-2016 22:43:28 reza rahman Advanced
The Philly JUG has a New Logo!
A polished and professional logo is important to the identity of any non-trivial effort. Although Java user groups are community efforts, th...
06-07-2016 03:28:23 reza rahman Advanced
JSON-B Public Review Draft Now Available
The JSON-B (Java API for JSON Binding) specification has recently released a public review draft. For those unaware, JSON-B is one of the ke...
27-06-2016 23:41:34 reza rahman Advanced
JBoss EAP 7 Brings Red Hat Commercial Support for Java EE 7
JBoss EAP 7 has recently been fully Java EE 7 certified. For most developers this essentially represents serious commitment from Red Hat tow...
27-06-2016 05:49:00 reza rahman Advanced

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