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Thank you dear Tribe
Today is my last day at Tomitribe. Technically it was 2 weeks ago, but also counting vacation time. What can I say? It has been a real pleas...
01-03-2019 13:11:47 Roberto Cortez Advanced
How to ace your Java Developer Interview
by Nicholas Phelps Preparing for a Java interview can be stressful, and you'll need to plan for several eventualities for it be a success. F...
14-02-2019 13:10:42 Roberto Cortez Advanced
JNation – The Java Conference in Portugal
For some time, I had a wish that I could organize a Java conference in Portugal. Well, that finally happened in 19th June 2018, with the fir...
05-07-2018 17:56:49 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Yes, Java helped me name Lucas
Having a child is one of the most memorable moment you can experience. Parents have a huge responsibility with this new life and it starts r...
29-12-2017 01:09:19 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Coimbra JUG – Just Enough App Server
The Fifteen Meeting of Coimbra JUG was about Application Servers. For a long time, developers complain about Application Servers. Developers...
18-08-2016 18:08:17 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Java Tip of the Week #10 – Netbeans
After my video from last week, about IntelliJ, I was approached by Geertjan Wielenga from the NetBeans teams about doing the same for NetBea...
31-03-2016 17:40:31 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Java Tip of the Week #9 – IntelliJ IDEA
It's not secret that my favourite IDE is IntelliJ IDEA. You have already seen me using it in my previous videos, so it was just a matter of ...
30-03-2016 18:51:47 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Java Tip of the Week #8 – Java 8 Default Methods
This week Java Tip of the Week we continue to explore some of the new features introduced in Java 8. This time is about Default Methods. Bef...
14-03-2016 12:00:18 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Java Tip of the Week #7 - Maven Slow?
This week Java Tip of the Week is a follow up of last session about Maven. The first video covered aspects related to Maven Dependencies. Th...
01-03-2016 09:25:01 Roberto Cortez Advanced
Thirteen Coimbra JUG Meeting – Keep your Database Schema Under Control
The Thirteen Meeting of Coimbra JUG was about Databases and how to keep their Schema versioning and controlled. While not being directly rel...
17-02-2016 20:11:10 Roberto Cortez Advanced

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