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The Five Lies Analysis
The Five Whys analysis is a popular root cause investigation technique with a simple premise that is asking why five times can yield the ans...
14-10-2021 16:28:39 Serce (Sergey Tselovalnikov) Advanced
Indirect Effects of Allocate Direct
Hi, folks! Every single program allocates memory. Byte buffers are at the core of many essential libraries which power the services the mode...
18-11-2020 16:11:51 Serce (Sergey Tselovalnikov) Advanced
You don't need no Service Mesh
Hi! Service meshes have attracted an enormous amount of hype around them. With at least a few talks about service meshes during each tech co...
23-07-2020 12:49:05 Serce (Sergey Tselovalnikov) Advanced
The matter of time()
Hi! As software engineers, we all rely on the notion of time: a crucial concept in ensuring that events in our programs follow a chronologic...
16-05-2019 10:29:51 Serce (Sergey Tselovalnikov) Advanced
Fantastic DSLs and where to find them
Hi! Kotlin is a very rich language. Unlike many other languages, it allows developers to create another language inside it. For example, to ...
29-06-2017 12:28:23 Serce (Sergey Tselovalnikov) Advanced
Pure assembly in the forest of Panama
Hi! In this article, I'll tell you about some internal features of Project Panama. You'll find out how to increase the performance of your J...
05-07-2016 13:09:28 Serce (Sergey Tselovalnikov) Advanced

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