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Refactoring CI Build Pipelines
Problem with CI Tooling CI tools such as Team City are great. They provide a nice front end that can be used as control for all your builds....
22-12-2019 19:18:43 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
The Boy Scout Rule is Misunderstood
What is it? During my time in the Scouts we would clear down our camp site in the same way each time. We would gather everyone in a big circ...
12-12-2019 23:47:48 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Logging vs Auditing
The difference between logging and auditing is a subtle yet important distinction. Logging Technical in nature. Deals with technical concern...
02-05-2017 10:08:38 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
The QA Test Matrix
Historically teams I've worked with have taken a few varying approaches when designing tests against acceptance criteria. One is to have the...
03-04-2017 09:10:24 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Be Humble
Some of the best developers I know treat everyone with mutual respect. Not only this they are open about what they do know and what they don...
18-01-2017 09:07:01 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Convention Based Tests
Most projects have some form of convention. Examples would include: Attributes/Properties for REST API's Inheritance for third party base ty...
11-01-2017 09:08:53 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Finance For Software Developers
Back at the start of 2016 I set about sorting my personal finances out, inspired by Soft Skills. The book makes a point to consider passive ...
04-01-2017 08:51:58 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
DDD - Events
The act of something happening is one of the most crucial aspects of implementing Domain Driven Design (DDD). I missed the importance of dom...
23-11-2016 08:45:24 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
POODR Highlights Part 2
Two other stand out topics from POODR were the use of tests and inheritance. The first set of higlights covered dependencies and arguments. ...
08-11-2016 11:53:24 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
POODR Highlights Part 1
Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby or POODR is clearly a book about Ruby development, however the odd aspect is much of the concepts a...
27-10-2016 09:42:51 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing

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