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DDD - Events
The act of something happening is one of the most crucial aspects of implementing Domain Driven Design (DDD). I missed the importance of dom...
23-11-2016 08:45:24 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
POODR Highlights Part 2
Two other stand out topics from POODR were the use of tests and inheritance. The first set of higlights covered dependencies and arguments. ...
08-11-2016 11:53:24 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
POODR Highlights Part 1
Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby or POODR is clearly a book about Ruby development, however the odd aspect is much of the concepts a...
27-10-2016 09:42:51 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
The New Guy
Everyone is new at some point. No matter your experience level. You're either new to the team or new to the business. Being the new person i...
11-10-2016 09:09:14 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Constant Object Anti Pattern
Most constants are used to remove magic numbers or variables that lack context. A classic example would be code littered with the number 7. ...
03-10-2016 08:54:45 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
New and Shiny Things
There is risk with upgrading anything, be it language, framework, library, OS or third parties. In the past I was rather gung-ho about upgra...
12-09-2016 09:34:15 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Past Mistakes - ORMs and Bounded Contexts
Sticking with the theme of documenting past mistakes, it's worth expanding a real life scenario where I was unaware of the use of bounded co...
31-08-2016 09:28:07 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Test Your Live System using Live Service Tests
Traditionally there are three categories of functional tests. Acceptance Integration Unit This is often refereed to as the testing pyramid. ...
24-08-2016 09:34:13 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
Why You Should Do Code Katas
Code katas are simple exercises that are meant to be repeated. They are great for learning a new language or tool. The goal is to learn some...
04-08-2016 09:08:23 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing
I Need to Stop Misusing Divs
I a certainly not a skilled or expert front end developer. While I'm more than capable of creating pages I lack any design magic to make the...
31-07-2016 19:14:45 Shaun Finglas Agile & Testing

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