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Getting started with FP in Kotlin and Arrow: Typeclasses
I've recently made the effort to try and pick up Kotlin (again). The last couple of years I've been doing mostly scala work (with some other...
24-02-2019 18:26:09 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Webflux with Kotlin and Arrow
A month into the new year and I'm already lagging behind my two articles per month goal. So for Februari I'm going to try and do three artic...
24-02-2019 10:10:40 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Scala/Kotlin developer learning Haskell - Part 1 - Rest endpoint with JSON
I've been doing scala and FP for a while now, and during that time I've tried a couple of times to pickup haskell as well. What I noticed wa...
24-02-2019 03:07:48 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Scala/Kotlin developer learning Haskell - Part 2 - Monad Transformers
In the previous article learning haskell part 1 I walked through the steps I took to get a very simple and basic REST endpoint up and runnin...
23-02-2019 20:16:03 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Three.js: Devoxx presentation 2018
Hi everyone, It's been a whole two years since I posted stuff here, but as an early new year resolution, I decided to revive this blog, and ...
03-12-2018 12:05:51 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Voronoi Fractal with D3.js
I've been very busy the last couple of months. Started a new project at Philips, started writing on D3.js for Packt, and besides that partic...
25-11-2016 09:53:59 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Dynamic component loading with Angular2: replace $compile
Just a quick article to show how you can do dynamic compilation in Angular 2. In Angular 1 we had the $compile directive, which we could use...
30-07-2016 16:04:49 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Analyzing swearing in movies Part 1: Swears per minute
In this short article I'd like to explain the process I took to create some simple D3.js visualizations based on the number of swears per mi...
25-06-2016 17:37:02 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
First steps with Angular 2: 8 cool features
I've been doing some work the last couple of weeks with Angular2. I really like it. Not just because it uses typescript, but also because it...
26-05-2016 11:37:12 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners
Scalaz features for everyday usage part 3: State Monad, Writer Monad and lenses
In this article in the mini series on Scalaz, we'll look at a couple of additional monads and patterns available in Scalaz. Once again, we'l...
16-05-2016 16:05:53 smartjava (Jos Dirksen) Beginners

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