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Reading text file line by line in Java
Reading text files from hard disk is quite common task in software development practice. Usually we are interested in processing it line by ...
18-12-2014 20:55:05 software cave Beginners
Iterating through Java list backwards
The most natural method of iterating through a list in Java is to start from the first element of the list and then move forward until the l...
13-12-2014 09:32:08 software cave Beginners
serialVersionUID field in Java
Java run-time associates with each serializable class a special version number known as serialVersionUID. This number is later used during d...
06-12-2014 10:13:28 software cave Beginners
Creating executable jar file with Maven
Building an executable jar file with maven-jar-plugin is fairly easy. However, it has one disadvantage that the Maven dependencies are not p...
29-11-2014 07:56:07 software cave Beginners
Customizing HTML file input style
Styling an HTML file input control is very cumbersome and the number of available options is quite limited. Moreover, each web browser rende...
28-11-2014 20:14:57 software cave Beginners
Primary key generators in JPA
Generation of primary key values is a very important functionality of relational database management systems. The main idea is to let RDBMS ...
02-08-2014 12:13:29 software cave Beginners
Charts with jqPlot, Spring REST, AJAX and JQuery
One of the most notable features of HTML5 is Canvas API which provides a rectangular region for custom drawing. There are several uses of it...
19-07-2014 12:21:38 software cave Beginners
Accessing local files from a web browser using HTML5 File API
HTML5 introduced a standard interface called File API which lets programmers access meta-data and read contents of local files selected by a...
07-07-2014 04:30:29 software cave Beginners
Hibernate with Spring
When building a web application, we will sooner or later need to somehow store data entered by users and retrieve it later. In most cases th...
07-06-2014 11:08:37 software cave Beginners
Repeating annotations in Java 8
In Java 7 and before attaching more than one annotation of the same type to the same part of the code (e.g. a class or a method) was forbidd...
20-05-2014 19:30:59 software cave Beginners

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