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Spock tricks – Simplified Optional stubbing with custom default responses
Stubbing methods returning java.util.Optional with Spock is more tricky that you would probably expect. Get know how to do it efficiently. I...
15-03-2017 13:12:42 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Spock – Formatting complex input parameters in parameterized tests
Learn how to visualize complex input parameters in parameterized tests in the way improving the readability of the test report. Introduction...
07-12-2016 14:28:25 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
More compact mock creation syntax in Spock 1.1
Get know how to create mocks and spies in even more compact way with Spock 1.1 Introduction Spock heavily leverages operator overloading (an...
28-11-2016 10:22:25 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Gradle and Java 8 named method parameters (-parameters flag)
Get know how to enable named method parameters support in a Gradle project Introduction Java 8 has introduced (among others) an ability to g...
01-07-2016 00:59:46 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Gradle tricks - display buildscript dependencies
The simply way how buildscript dependencies (e.g. plugins) can be displayed and analyzed in Gradle Introduction This is the third part of my...
07-06-2016 10:38:06 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Automatically unrolling all parameterized Spock test in the whole project
Would it be useful to unroll all parameterized Spock tests automatically? I've been always frustrated with the need to add @Unroll annotatio...
05-05-2016 10:32:50 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Better dealing with "Could not find property X on plugin Y" in Gradle 2.13
Have you ever experienced the "Could not find property X on plugin extension Y" error with a freshly cloned GitHub project you wanted to con...
26-04-2016 12:19:28 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Parallel execution of blocking tasks with RxJava and Completable
How parallel execution of blocking "side-effect only" (aka void) tasks became easier with Completable abstraction introduced in RxJava 1.1.1...
26-02-2016 09:15:43 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced
Using Mockito without static imports with Java 8
How to simplify Mockito usage by removing static imports in Java 8 based projects. Rationale Mockito API is based on static methods aggregat...
14-12-2015 03:27:38 solidsoft (Marcin Zajaczkowski) Advanced

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