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Running Spock with unsupported Groovy version (Gradle + Maven)
Stuck with the The Spock compiler plugin cannot execute because Spock 1.3-groovy-2.5 (3.0) is not compatible with Groovy 3.0 (4.0)' error me...
19-11-2021 01:33:08 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Unified Gradle projects releasing to Maven Central in 2021 + migration guide
As a counterbalance to an imminent JCenter shutdown, get know the unified (and united) power of releasing to Maven Central with a brand new ...
26-02-2021 10:14:21 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
What happened to Groovy dependencies in Spock 2.0?
Spock 2.0(-M3) reduced number of provided Groovy dependencies. If you started to get various Groovy-related ClassNotFoundExceptions after mi...
16-06-2020 13:20:40 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Simpler and safer artifact signing on CI server with Gradle
Check out how to simplify your Gradle configuration for artifact signing (and releasing) on a CI server (and along the way avoid CVE-2020-13...
03-06-2020 09:41:59 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Spock vs JUnit 5 - the ultimate feature comparison
What is the best testing framework for Java code nowadays? Spock or JUnit 5? Check it out in this ultimate feature comparison. Spock was a g...
15-04-2020 11:50:05 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Places where you REALLY NEED to use 'assert' keyword in Spock assertions
Make sure you know all the places where putting the assert' keyword in Spock is necessary to avoid false sense of security and tests which -...
18-03-2020 11:35:01 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Mysteriously broken reduction operation on parallel streams in Java (explained)
How to not get into trouble writing custom reduction operation (.reduce()) on (parallel) streams with Java 8+ (including Java 14). Introduct...
12-03-2020 15:24:21 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Enable Java 14 preview features in Gradle, Maven and Idea
Discover how to enable Java 14 preview features in Gradle, Maven, Idea and Command line. Writing my next post about the improved instanceof ...
03-03-2020 19:55:27 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Improved 'instanceof' operator in Java 14
Make your code simpler with implicit casting in improved instanceof operator in Java 14. The improvements in the instanceof operator (JEP 30...
03-03-2020 13:35:34 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced
Where are all the old posts?
Find out where to find all the old posts I wrote in the previous years. Over the previous (almost) 10 years I wrote dozens of blog posts. Wh...
02-03-2020 22:32:46 Solid Soft (Marcin Zajączkowski) Advanced

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