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Java 8′s Date Time API Quickstart
Java has introduced a new date and time API in Java 8. The interface is much more intuitive than the old java.util.Date and java.util.Calend...
14-11-2014 09:45:25 Stack Hunter Beginners
StackHunter Java Error Tracker v1.2 Released
The latest beta release of our error tracker for Java apps is now available for download. Log4J and Logback integration We now track except...
21-10-2014 02:23:19 Stack Hunter Beginners
StackHunter Beta 1.1 Available for Download
A new beta release of StackHunter, our Java exception tracker, is now available for download. StackHunter notifies you when your Java apps f...
26-08-2014 16:22:03 Stack Hunter Beginners
Convert Java Objects to String With the Iterator Pattern
The visitor pattern often comes to mind when you need to operate on a graph of objects (like JSON, XML, or Java beans). Unfortunately, the v...
09-07-2014 10:30:30 Stack Hunter Beginners
Default Methods in Java 8
Before Java 8 your interfaces could contain method declarations, but no implementation code. One of the new features of Java 8 is the option...
13-05-2014 00:42:47 Stack Hunter Beginners
Ditch Container-Managed Security To Create Portable Web Apps
Do your web apps need to run in the servlet containers from different vendors?  How do you manage their vendor specific security settings?  ...
05-05-2014 05:10:46 Stack Hunter Beginners

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