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Spring Boot Data JPA- beginner guide
Databases form an integral part of computer applications. With it comes considerable amount of database operations and the corresponding cod...
06-08-2020 22:17:47 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Different ways to remove Spaces from String In Java
String manipulation is done most often while programming. Like removing spaces in or around the string text. This also known as strip'ping o...
09-07-2020 16:11:51 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Optional orElse vs orElseGet
Java 8 introduced a fantastic concept of Optional, which we looked into in our blog Java 8 Optional. So just to give a short recap, Optional...
29-06-2020 11:49:18 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Mock Void method with Mockito
Hey guys! After our previous blog on difference between thenReturn and thenAnswer mockito methods, we are back with yet another interesting ...
16-06-2020 23:53:48 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Spring boot custom banner generation
Whenever we start a Spring Boot application a text message shown below is displayed . This is called as a banner. Now, wouldn't it be wonder...
26-05-2020 16:07:48 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Mockito ‘thenReturn' vs Mockito ‘thenAnswer'
When it comes to writing test cases for code, Mockito is one of the most common choices of developers. Then we face the question, how to use...
08-05-2020 01:14:07 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
This Keyword in Java
"This" keyword in java is one of the most used and very important keywords. "This" keyword in java is used to refer current class objects. W...
03-05-2020 11:38:32 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Composite design Pattern in Java - with examples
Every programmer comes across a scenario, when data needs to be represented as a tree structure. While dealing with tree structure many time...
03-05-2020 05:02:21 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Builder Pattern in Java - with examples
Builder design pattern is one of the most important and simple design pattern in java. We use it in real life also. For instance, consider a...
02-05-2020 22:22:04 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners
Java is pass-by-value or pass-by-reference
Most of the java developers get confused when it comes to the question that, is Java pass-by-value' or pass-by-reference'. The answer is tha...
02-05-2020 15:08:22 stacktraceguru : for developers Beginners

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